A landscaping professional or landscaper is the title usually used to refer to someone who takes care of the lawn. Whether it’s ensuring the grass level is always at a specific length or otherwise, these professionals are part of the lawn care industry. For example, a company like Green Lawn Augusta provides lawn care services that include landscaping. Traditionally, individuals that were responsible for the maintenance of the lawn were known as lawnmowers. However, the term has now come to mean the machines used for the actual mowing.

Lawn Care

Keeping an attractive and well-manicured lawn requires a lot of work. Those who perform the tasks necessary to ensure a fantastic-looking lawn can go by different names depending on where they work or their employment circumstances. For instance, a groundskeeper is an almost archaic term used to refer to somebody whose job is to ensure that the outdoor premises of a house or any property are always immaculate. Among the numerous tasks a groundskeeper performs, lawn mowing is one of them. While groundskeepers are often associated with decades past, the term is still used in specific contexts. For example, the professionals who ensure that sports fields and public parks always have well-groomed lawns are still considered groundskeepers or groundsmen. This term is also used at museums, universities, and other properties that may have an ancient history, like a castles. It’s crucial to remember that those employed to do lawn mowing as groundsmen usually hold this position on a full-time basis.

A landscaper is usually a freelance contractor who only does lawn mowing and other groundskeeping activities when called upon. They’ll come in and take care of the lawn until the next time when they’re called. 

A gardener is usually a term more limited in scope. It’s used to refer to those that specifically tend to a garden. In a traditional sense, this means ensuring that garden crops or vegetables are growing properly. Of course, most modern homes rarely have gardens in the traditional sense. A typical suburban home or an apartment complex in a city might have a designated area where some grass and other shrubbery are grown. Gardeners are then tasked with maintaining such an area. This maintenance will involve lawn mowing.

The groundskeeper, gardener, or landscaper all do lawn mowing to a certain degree as part of their job descriptions.

As part of lawn care, any of these professionals might do one of the following;

i)Mowing the Grass: This is usually part of any maintenance activity. Whether it’s a modern palatial building in the heart of a town or a public park, mowing the grass is essential. It involves using specialized lawn mowers to keep the grass level at an acceptable height.

  1. ii) Weeding: This involves the removal of any unwanted plants that may have invaded a particular space. It is usually performed in conjunction with lawn mowing. Part of ensuring a well-manicured lawn entails eliminating weeds. Natural remedies are usually preferred. For example, lawn mowing can be accompanied by the application of dish soap mixed with vinegar and salt.

iii) Fertilization: Having a green, lush lawn involves more than lawn mowing. Ensuring that the soil on which the grass grows is well-aerated and fertile is crucial. Fertilization involves the introduction of fertilizers to support good lawn mowing. Organic fertilizers are preferable for better results.

Benefits of Lawn Mowing

Unless you’re someone that’s been in the lawn mowing business personally, it’s best to hire professionals to take care of your lawn. This is especially crucial if the grounds in question are on a commercial property or a public place. Having a poorly mowed front lawn speaks to carelessness and near-neglect even for your residence. This will not add to your curb appeal.

Lawn mowing has several benefits, including;

  1. i) Elimination of pests
  2. ii) Achieving an even growth rate, thereby resulting in a better looking 

and uniform lawn

iii) Faster recovery time for your lawn

Hiring a professional contractor for your lawn mowing does not mean you can’t do the task yourself. It just means that you save yourself the inconvenience of doing shoddy work due to inexperience. Professional lawn mowers will know how to best handle your lawn for ideal results.

Ultimately, the semantics of what to call someone that does lawn mowing rarely affects lawn care and maintenance. Whether a groundskeeper or gardener, the grass shall always be kept neat as long as they have experience in lawn mowing.

By Manali