Sexual dysfunction is a problem that affects the sexual response cycle interfering with the usual satisfying sexual activity. The sexual response cycle comprises several phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and finally, resolution. Research has proven that both men and women are potentially exposed to experiencing sexual dysfunction. The problem is relatively common, with reports showing that more than 30 and 40 percent of men and women struggle to overcome it. Sexual dysfunction affects people of any age but is most common in people between 40 and 65.

The types of sexual dysfunction include;

Pain disorders

Both men and women are subject to experiencing pain which can either be during or after intercourse. In most cases, people with multiple partners are exposed to this type of sexual dysfunction. Strippers in Adelaide have not been left out since they have to serve several people within a certain period sexually. Veganism is another condition that preys on women affecting the vaginal mucus and hence painful intercourse due to increased friction. Vaginal dryness and urinary tract infections are other causes of pain in women. Peyronie’s disease affects men, resulting in the penis being physically damaged, and stimulating pain. Other conditions that cause painful erection in men are urinary tract infections, genital herpes, and prostatitis infection, among others. In some cases, men may experience a painful erection that can last for several hours despite the absence of any sexual stimulation.

Desire disorders

In most cases, such disorders affect the level of sexual desire, reducing the interest or the urge to have sex. Research has proven that decreasing levels of estrogen and testosterone, hormonal changes, diabetes, and heart disease can result in reduced libido. In addition, depression, relationship wrangles, sexual inhibitions, fear, anxiety and fatigue potentially lower the desire to get intimate. You may suffer the disorder for a long time, or it may develop after a session of being sexually normal.

Sexual Arousal disorders

Arousal disorders make it hard and, at times, impossible for a person to be sexually aroused. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is mostly witnessed in men. They find it hard to maintain an erection, and in extreme cases, they fail to obtain the erection at all. When having an arousal disorder, one feels interested in engaging in sexual activities but does not derive any excitement or satisfaction from it.

Orgasm disorder

The disorder mostly affects women who are either unable to reach orgasm or experience delayed orgasm. However, men are not excluded since they can also experience late ejaculation or fail to experience ejaculation. In other instances, premature or retrograde ejaculation may happen in men. Painful sexual activity, hormonal changes, stress, and fatigue, among other factors, can cause delayed or failure to either ejaculate or reach orgasm.

Bottom Line

Sexual dysfunction is an issue that no one likes to talk about since many consider it an embracing situation. For that reason, they are hesitant to seek treatment despite effective ways to treat the disorder. If you or your partner is battling the above conditions, consider visiting specialists and have your quality of sex life restored.

By Manali