One of the most crucial things to do when buying a car is to conduct proper research. You’ll want to get detailed information about the vehicle, particularly if it is used. Although most people opt to consult their car dealership or seller, this may not be an ideal source of information.

In most instances, the seller may decide not to reveal everything about the vehicle, especially if it has some problems. So what can you do to get unbiased and accurate information about the car you wish to purchase? It’s pretty simple; perform a quick VIN check, and you’ll receive the vehicle’s history report and information on its past owners.

Nowadays, numerous VIN checkers are available online, and it is often a daunting task to pick a reliable one. In this article, we will review VinCheckFree to help you learn more about it and decide whether it is legit and reliable.

What is VinCheckFree?

VinCheckFree is a website offering free VIN lookup and decoder services within the US. Using this website, you can get comprehensive information on cars, motorcycles, and other automobiles.

This site has an extensive database that is updated regularly to ensure you get up-to-date details every time you use this VIN decoder. It ranks as one of the leading VIN lookup services across the internet, and you can access it on both computer and mobile browsers.

Some crucial details you can get via this tool include the vehicle’s year of production, model, make, estimated value, odometer measurement, and other specifications. Reports generated by VinCheckFree provide you with all the intricate details about the vehicle that you would usually miss with a visual inspection.

This way, you can understand more about a particular vehicle, which comes in handy when purchasing used cars. Once you provide the VIN or license plate number, the website assesses the vehicle’s information and relays the detailed report to you within minutes.

What information is available on a Vehicle History Report?

Vehicle history reports produced by VinCheckFree contain helpful information about the car you looked up. Some of the details you can get in these reports include:

·         Accident/ Salvage record:

You can see whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident in the past. Additionally, you get to see every past minor and major vehicle accident and whether the car has a salvage record. Typically, this information is included in the car title records. Depending on whether the vehicle has a clean, branded, or salvage title, you can learn a lot about its history.

·         Estimated Ownership Cost:

You can review ownership cost data and see details that may affect the vehicle’s market value. For instance,  insurance costs, car repairs, mileage, and other variables can help you come up with a rough estimate for the car you wish to purchase.   

·         Buyback and Lemon Issues:

A buyback is when a manufacturer repurchases a vehicle from an initial owner due to unresolved problems. Typically, the car is repaired and sold to another owner. On the other hand, lemon cars refer to vehicles with a significant defect that the manufacturer/ dealer can’t fix without complete overhauls.

Such vehicles may have faulty transmissions, brakes, or engines, making them unsafe and sometimes unusable. VinCheckFree reports provide you with information on buyback and lemon issues to help you make an informed choice when purchasing a used vehicle.    

·         Vehicle Specifications:

You’ll get information on the vehicle’s make, model, manufacturer, model year, engine size, transmission type, and country of origin. Reviewing the vehicle’s original specifications can help determine whether some of the manufacturer’s equipment was replaced.

How to search for VIN Numbers using VinCheckFree

VIN checks are essential for anyone looking to buy a used vehicle as they provide you with thorough vehicle history. If you’re interested in using VinCheckFree to look up vehicles, you’ll have to follow specific steps. These steps include:

1. Provide the Vehicle Identification Number

Begin by visiting the official VinCheckFree website. Click on the provided search bar and enter the VIN of the target vehicle. You can locate the vehicle’s VIN on the engine block. Select “Search” to initiate your search query.

2. Allow the VinCheckFree tool to run its course                                                                     

VinCheckFree will scan its extensive database and collect all the relevant information on the car based on its VIN.

3. Receive the Vehicle History Report

You’ll get a detailed report on the vehicle that you can review to learn more about it.

Why VinCheckFree is a First-rate VIN decoder

VinCheckFree is an expert in all matters of VIN Lookup. The service and features offered by this website are unmatched, making it a first-rate VIN decoder. Here are the top reasons why VinCheckFree ranks as an exemplary VIN lookup service.

·         Up-to-date, Quality Data

VinCheckFree prides itself on providing users with accurate and detailed reports on their target vehicles. It has a vast database with data from National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, car dealerships, insurance companies, and other relevant databases. Additionally, VIN information on the VinCheckFree tool is updated frequently to ensure better accuracy.

·         Easy-to-Use Platform

The VinCheckFree website has a minimalist design that makes it easy to use. You have to input the target vehicle’s 17 character VIN number in the search bar and get all the essential details about it such as its make and model. 

·         Check Vehicle License Plates from Across the Country

Apart from allowing you to look up VINs, VinCheckFree also has an option to search for a vehicle’s information using its license plate. Here you can search license plates based on the state they’re registered under, and this service is available across all US States. 

·         VIN information on numerous Car Manufacturers

VinCheckFree enables you to look up the VINs of virtually all automobile manufacturers globally. Not only will you easily decode VINs from leading car companies such as General Motors and Ford but also you’ll be able to look up VINs of international manufacturers such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

Pros and cons of VinCheckFree

VinCheckFree is an industry-leading VIN lookup service. Nonetheless, it has some benefits and drawbacks. Here is an overview of  VincheckFree’s pros and cons:


·         VinCheckFree provides users with authentic and accurate vehicle data based on their VIN. This website also sources information from numerous updated sources to ensure you won’t miss any detail.

·         You’ll get a gallery of past and current photos of the target vehicle when using VinCheckFree. By analyzing these photos, you can quickly ascertain the car’s condition.

·         VinCheckFree provides detailed reports that help you detect major and minor issues within the vehicle. This way, you can avoid faulty and lemon cars while also identifying frauds from afar.

·         This tool lets you view basic information about the vehicle such as its production year and mileage, which can help you get a rough estimate of the car’s value.


·         You may not get information on how well the previous owner maintained the vehicle, and maintenance and service information may not be included in some reports.  

·         You may have to pay to access more detailed reports.


1. Is VinCheckFree Legit and Accurate?

VInCheckFree is the best legitimate VIN lookup service you can find online. It collects vehicle information from NMVTIS, insurance companies, car dealerships, NHTSA, and other reliable sources to ensure you only get accurate and reliable information on the target vehicle.

2. What are other free alternatives to VinCheckFree?

You can utilize the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to search for vehicle information using their VINCheck Lookup tool. However, this website only allows you to perform five free searches per day. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy unlimited VIN searches, it would be best to use VinCheckFree.  

3. How do I locate my vehicle’s VIN?

Typically, the VIN is indicated on the car’s insurance, title, and registration documents. Depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer, you can find the car’s VIN number at different locations.   You can also check the vehicle’s engine block, dashboard, driver’s side door, or radiator support bracket.  

4. Why can’t I get reports for vehicles registered before 1981?

Vehicles registered before 1981 tended to have VINs ranging from 11 to 17 characters. Thus, most don’t conform to the current regulatory format set by the NHTSA, and you cannot access their reports online.  


VinCheckFree is a Legit and free-to-use VIN and license plate lookup service that is available across the US. You can get detailed and authentic vehicle history reports using this website and make informed decisions when acquiring a new car.    

By Manali