A Magnetic flow meter comes with several unique advantages over other flow meters. It can take an accurate measurement of conductive liquids pretty well. It would mean that if the fluids have particles, it won’t be a hurdle for this flow meter. Hence, the most significant advantage of the flow meter is in industrial production, where the paper pulp, chemical solutions factories, milk plants, juice making plants, industry sewage, residential water, etc. This type of flow meter can measure even dirty fluids while they are inside the closed pipelines. It offers the most effective measurement for mud, grease, and slurry in liquid form with several solids inside. Since it does not have any moving parts inside its magnetic sensor, it is not affected by the velocity of the flow and therefore requires very little maintenance.

Further, the magnetic flow meter is not affected by fluid properties like viscosity, density, and temperature. Thus, it is in great demand in modern industries. However, not all suppliers offer quality products, and you must rely on only a trusted online site to source your requirements. One such top-notch manufacturer of high-quality flow meters is www.silverinstruments.com, where you get complete solutions to your problems.

Advantages of Magnetic Flow Meter

The China magnetic flow meter works under the principle of electromagnetic induction. The above flow meter rapidly responds to flow changes and offers a wide linear range. Further, you can optimize the measuring range setting, and no obstruction will appear due to this on the liquid flowing in the pipelines. It is slightly expensive, but you cannot do without it, for most commercial factories will have semi-liquid flows and solids in them. It is particularly good for hydraulic transport. If you are experiencing only low flow volume, you may need other flow meters as they may not be accurate for low-velocity fluids.

Clients interested in a wide range of flow meters can get top-quality products from the above company. In the case of an electromagnetic meter, the measuring range is large, and generally, the diameter of the flow transmitter is from 2.5 mm to 2.6 mm. There is no pressure loss when using a flow meter from a reputed magnetic flow meter supplier.

Be Informed about the Limitations

You may require some information about its limitations if you are thinking of setting up other processes. The first limitation is that it is good for measuring the flow of the conductive medium but not for non-conductive mediums. In other words, it is not good for measuring the flow of gas and water.

It is noteworthy that installing the electromagnetic meter is more complicated than other flow meters. You must also follow certain strict conditions. The transmitter and the converter must be used together and not with a different types of instruments. Again, the installation site must be free from vibration and strong magnetic fields.

To avoid various interference, you must eliminate signals and improve the performance of the flow converter by using a microprocessor type convertor. But your best chance would be to talk the matter with a reputed magnetic flow meter manufacturer with years of experience.

By Manali