Studies show that 93% of customers rely on user-generated content before making a purchase decision. This statistic makes us understand the importance of eCommerce user-generated content. Usergenerated content in eCommerce is consistently growing and taking its place in building trust within customers and is becoming the ultimate deciding factor in customers for their purchase decisions. 

UGC enhances a brand’s capabilities to boost its sales for eCommerce stores as people actively explore user-generated content while shopping online. This offers the buyers with relevant information about products and guides them to make an informed decision. 

UGC and its Impact on eCommerce websites

User-generated content (UGC) is content that is created by brands’ existing customers who share their experiences about the brands’ product and services as social media posts or on-site visual uploads. This content is in the form of photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc. This is generated from various sources, giving brands diverse and unique content each time any consumer interacts with the brand. 

Brands incline towards a more customer-centric approach because of its authenticity. This is why website owners incorporate UGC in their websites. This strategy is cost effective and provides a sense of transparency eventually building trust and increasing conversion rates. 72% brands state that they have build a strong connection with their customers through UGC. 

UGC is vast concept but with evolving technology social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox have come up with advanced features to enhance your website even more and give you a few more ways to embed UGC in your website. One of these feature is Shoppable UGC galleries, this feature allows the website owners to leverage UGC in your website and make it shppable using tags and hotspots. Giving users direct buying option without going through the entire website to look for your desired item, providing visitors with perfect shopping experience. 

Benefits of incorporating User Generated Content in eCommerce Websites

  1. Showcase the purpose of your product

User-generated content portrays the actual image about how the product would turn out. Its actual purpose is displayed via reviews, social media posts, and other UGC. This is the most impactful way to show your product’s real-life image. Generally brands create fake scenarios to portray their products in a better fram than they actually are, using paid models. This practice is known as “Marketing Gimmicks” and is not effective as it becomes pretty easy to judge whether the content is fake or real. Natural UGC is the game changer to inspire your potential customers. 

  1. Improve Shopping Experience

Turn your customers’ social media experience into social shopping by adding UGC to your website from various platforms. Customers are actively seeking real life experiences before making any purchase decision. Incorporating UGC in your website can make this happen and will help your brand gain more sales. Embedding UGC in your website not only improves sales but also give your website a vibrant look while making customers’ shopping experience smooth and effortless. 

  1. Give your eCommerce website a personal touch

In this constantly evolving world and new advancements coming along every now and then it is getting easy to differentiate between brand-generated content and user-generated content. Customers now use a more human, real and valuable approach while making a purchase decision rather going for unrealistic marketing campaigns. Embedding UGC in your website gives an honest essence and provides customers with exactly what they are looking for, Authentic content. 

  1. Enhance awareness and engagement 

User-generated content plays a crucial role in user engagement as it entails social proof. Providing trending content enhances your engagement as people tend to follow what others are doing. With UGC people get hooked to your website as well as your brand as a whole, improving your website dwell time while enhancing your positioning in the market. Genuine content influences other people to create content for you making it reach out to a wider audience augmenting brand awareness. Transparent content not only builds trust but also keeps your customers loyal and offers users to explore more. 

Role of UGC in your brand

You can make customers your brand advocates by integrating UGC in your website. UGC associates new customers with your existing customers to help bring value to your brand which in return compliments your potential customers with honest website content. 

To understand the role of UGC in social influence, vaseline is one of the best example. Petroleum jelly is sold by many brands however, they have created such a huge impact that people have started calling petroleum jelly – Vaseline. Any form of UGC has the ability to single-handedly enhance engagement and influence potential customers. 

Surveys show that UGC affects purchase decisions of 53% millennials. Publishing User-Generated Content in your web pages inspires potential customers to make favorable investment decisions, boosting brand sales and conversion rates. 

Final words

UGC is highly diverse and holds the ability to make your social presence better. User-generated Content play an important role in purchase decisions, making or breaking your brands positioning, conversion rates, brand sales, trust and  user engagement. It also helps provide your visitors with an amazing online shopping experience. 

UGC offers customers to shop effortlessly with reliable content offering visitors with satisfactory visuals, boosting your brands credibility while offering highly efficient and positive purchase decisions. 

By Manali