In our daily life, there are several applications that we commonly use for our benefit. Each application is designed catering to a particular purpose and has its own unique design. The developers of these apps in order to attract more customers to their particular apps, emphasize on the essential requirement needed to make an app i.e. good User Interface UI.

The user interface of an application represents its front-end part and several apps have different UI frameworks which are written in different technologies such as Meteor, Angular, Node, etc, which are some of the most popular technologies that are used in designing of front end app and writing code.

If we particularly, talk about the React, it has a major significance among the entire house of front end technologies because it has diverse quality of being simple, flexible, responsive, and so on. Generally, developers are ought to work hard code while building their apps but React act as an exception, being a major help for the developers to develop apps with less code. It provides developers with a simple UI framework which is helpful in breaking down the work into several components and reusing of the code.


React is a an open source Java Script library which is component based, flexible, lightweight, and is efficient in building front-end apps in the  real-world context. It was developed in 2011 by Facebook to use its own app and Instagram. Since the year 2013, React has become a well known open source library which attracts everyone at first instance to help the developers automatically update their app status when there is a change in code.

React is used in building interactive and dynamic user interfaces for websites or mobile apps. It has the unique feature that it can be used in creating even single page application for being able to access the components of an app in real time. The significance of React in present day is not hidden from anybody because it has become so popular JavaScript library that developers can use it to write easy code, leaving no requirement to do hard coding.

In React, there is an in-built Homepage by use of components under divide and merge policy. At the development phase, these components are further divided into several smaller parts which are then merged into to have an overall view of the entire page.

The one of the main React Features is Virtual DOM, where is used to observe One-Way Data Binding and this is the main reason behind so much significance of React use in real world. Because at the time of building an app, React, instead of usual directly DOM update, makes double copies of the Virtual DOM and stored them which later can be used to make a comparison whenever there occurs a change, react updates the page view directly.

The top features of React are as listed below:

  1. Virtual DOM
  2. One-way Data Binding
  3. JSX
  4. Component-Based Architecture
  5. Performance
  6. Simplicity, etc.,

Let us understand some of the features with a brief overview:

Component Architecture

In the React framework, everything included is said to be its components. The component architecture in React is very useful in defining the visuals and interaction in the application. This suggests that the when the web interface of an app is being developed in a React, it is used to be made with the combination of diverse number of components architecture, in which each of the components has its own certain logic which is written in JavaScript.

Because the logic for the component instead of being written of templates is written in JS that give us the edge to easily pass the enriched data through the app and keep the state of the app out of DOM because the developers can rely on the rich data across the app, leaving the DOM unaffected.

Virtual DOM

A object of the virtual DOM is the representation of the object of DOM, which can easily create the virtual copy or duplicate of the original DOM object. In React, for each and every DOM object there is a corresponding Virtual DOM. This is one of the significant feature of React as also mentioned aforesaid because it really helps in speeding up the development process of the application and provides it the flexibility to give high performance. Generally, DOM used to represent a tree-like structure and in React, the virtual DOM indicated the programming area of virtual representation of a UI Component and the algorithm of the Virtual DOM helps in duplication of a web page or app in Reacts virtual memory where the replica represent UI kept in the memory and synced with the real DOM object, by using the ReactDOM library.

Virtual DOM works on the widely recognized mechanism of One-way Data Binding mechanism, which facilitates towards rendering of the quicker changes in this virtual DOM feature instead of updating the entire changes in the Original DOM itself. This means that whenever you modify or update the app, the UI framework is rendered again with Virtual DOM with the update in modified components in the app which in turn help in reduction of the cost and time taken in the development of the app.

Function Components

Functional components are one form of JavaScript library in React. These components may receive data or may not as per the set parameters such as returning the output in JSX code and props which is termed as React Element that is used in rendering to the DOM tree.

The function components work in less code for the implementation of functionality in the application. They are found easy to define, easier to understand and also allow reuse of the code whenever required. The primary work of a react function component is the display of page view and combines the same with the code in order to bring output of app behavior. The function of react is defined primarily using a function keyword which is followed by the function name, and in the body part of the function, the developers seeks to write some logic and then use it to return the required content to the developed application by them.

The JSX feature is another important feature of React which is very much useful for the developers in writing the entire code for the building blocks of intuitive User interface of React. The code of JSX feature is quite easy to write, define, and understand as it is a much easy way for the developers to build a robust application.

       I.            FINAL REMARKS

There a hosts of features that make React stand out among other for being the most efficient, open-source front-end UI framework for the development of applications. React works as a major aid for the developers for building websites in a dynamic environment. React exhibits fast loading, high performance of the contents of the page, with less code, one-way data binding mechanism, easy APIs integration, and the list goes on. React follows component based architecture for providing and merging structures to simplify the entire tasks in the app.

By Manali