The continual and rapid rise of life-threatening diseases worldwide and the prolongation of the deadly Coronavirus pandemic have jeopardized our lives and loved ones. In uncertain times, it is natural to feel scared for our general well-being and the excessive financial burden of any unwarranted medical emergencies.  

An abrupt medical emergency can fall on the shoulders of anyone at any time, so we must be well prepared for such an inevitability. 

Medical insurance as an industry 

The medical insurance industry is one of the most significant components of the economy of any country. The Healthcare sector worldwide is mainly divided among private businesses and governmental institutions. In most countries, there’s not one institution of medical insurance, so overall most people use a combination of both public and private insurance.  

The importance and coverage of medical insurance cannot be understated. Let’s understand the benefits of medical insurance in detail. 

  1. Get the best possible healthcare  

Getting the best possible healthcare for yourself and your family is a priority. With the right medical insurance, financial insecurity related to healthcare is one headache you can say goodbye to. Cost-inducing treatments like outpatient care, emergency services, hospitalization, pregnancy, surgeries, mental health, etc., are covered under medical insurance.   

Depending on your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to access rehabilitative and habilitative services and receive coverage for existing and pre-existing conditions.  

  1. Safeguard yourself from exorbitant medical costs 

Medical insurance, like every other insurance, protects you from incurring huge costs in an unpredictable and financially straining health emergency. With the expensive nature of healthcare and medicinal costs presently, there’s no harm in being insured for an unexpected event in your life.  

With the right medical insurance plan, you can stop worrying about the possibility of high medical costs that might restrict the well-being of you and your family. 


  1. Protection for a prolonged period  

Sustaining quality treatment for an extended period is financially unviable. The treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s requires additional resources and commitments that take a toll on your savings. Moreover, hospital care, nursing, and home services can incur additional financial costs. However, opting for the right medical insurance plan can easily cover these expenses.  

Medical insurance plans range from a few years to lifetime renewability. The insurance plan you choose depends entirely on your health requirements.  

  1. Financial Savings 

Access to Medical insurance leads to long-term financial savings. Moreover, you can divert these additional costs to other avenues for savings. You can also choose from a wide range of policies for healthcare providers and avail multiple tax benefits through access to medical insurance. 

As there is a myriad of medical insurance providers operating in the industry, you can compare policies and providers to find economical options that are best suited to your healthcare needs. 


  1. Additional Treatment  

Along with pre-existing conditions, medical insurance covers other additional treatments such as Dental Treatment, Bariatric Surgeries (Weight Loss), Free health check-ups, etc. Your additional coverage depends on the insurance policy you subscribe to. Furthermore, you can also get access to different types of alternative treatments and therapies.  

  1. Many Options to Choose From 

When it comes to medical insurance, there are various options to choose from that match your healthcare necessities. You can choose from numerous individual insurance plans if you are seeking medical insurance only for yourself. If you want coverage for your entire family, then there are family and group plans that you can pick and choose from. 

Additionally, medical insurance companies also provide packages for specific groups and medically vulnerable demography, such as senior citizen Insurance, Critical illness care, and Maternity and pediatric insurance.  

  1. Surgeries and Transplants Coverage  

A prolonged illness requires prolonged treatment, sometimes extensive surgeries and organ transplants. Having the right medical insurance will cover the costs of such procedures and the rehabilitation process after the procedures.  

A correct medical insurance policy can also help cover the additional expenses incurred during these expensive procedures, such as medicines, expensive drugs, ambulance charges, etc.  

  1. Regular and Free Health Check-ups 

One of the main reasons we avoid going to the doctor for regular check-ups is that periodic consultations require expending a certain sum of money. Many medical insurances provide free consultations to insurers, making it convenient for them to receive consultative treatment regularly.  

Medical insurance increases your chances of identifying diseases and ailments at the initial stage by enabling regular engagements with a medical professional.  


In Conclusion 

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything is that a medical catastrophe can strike us at any point and that we are highly vulnerable to life-altering diseases, both physically and financially. We must be prepared to deal with such wide-ranging medical challenges and have a comprehensive insurance policy with a decent balance between pricing and coverage. Medical insurance covers everything from basic medical expenses to critical illnesses to emergency procedures. How we avail, it depends entirely on our requirements. 

By Manali