Where the ancient culture delightfully blends with thriving customs, Al Ain is the garden city of the UAE. It’s been settled for more than 4000 years meanwhile cordially inviting expats from every part of the world. Al-Ain lives up to the sunny potential with a versatile focus on the outdoors, including alfresco dine-in, picnics by waves, islands just off the coast, and national theme parks for kids. With so much fun at once, you’ve got a destination that you can’t say no to. 

The things that might excite you from afar are generally the most daunting ones when you get close to them. And for that reason, you must know the basics before starting the house hunt with apartments for rent in Al Ain

Let’s look at the broader picture of life in Al Ain below. 

Acknowledge the transportation routes: 

Al-Ain is nowhere near as vast as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but the intense heat wave makes walking an implausible task. With that said, public transport seems like a feasible alternative, and while it operates around Al Ain, it’s usually crowded and unreliable. So, the best way to travel is either by car or a taxi. They’re relatively safer and inexpensive, yet you must ensure that the taxis are licensed and associated with a fare meter.

Don’t be scared of the cultural diversity:

Since the community is generous enough to allow foreigners to blend in with its lifestyle, you’ll meet individuals from different castes, cultures, and religions. And there’s nothing to worry about as they’re quite friendly despite residing in an unfamiliar state. You just have to be kind to the neighbors, and hopefully, they’ll reciprocate the behavior regardless of their beliefs. 

Strictly adheres to the Laws:

There’s no denying that UAE occupies the stage for the strictest legal system. Being a part of the system, Al-Ain is no different, and so, you’ll have to follow the rules responsibly. So, stick to your comfort zone and avoid reaching out of it. Regardless of how westernized it gets, following the laws is in your best interest? 

It’s a recreational hub:

The UAE’s sunny part serves laidback charm and urban energy with a bash of adventures. When huge air-conditioned shopping malls merge with indoor entertainment sessions, there’s nothing but a lot of fun awaiting you. You’ll be embracing the best of both worlds in Al-Ain, where sandy seashores and scenic parks meet a striving metropolis of small bars, creative eateries, and curated street art. 

The impressive Arabic Traditions:

If living in an unfamiliar community scares you, then Al-Ain would make a suitable choice for both the expats and locals. Yet, some Arabic traditions must be addressed when it comes to complying with the local customs. Even though the UAE is quite a conservative country, after modernizing a bit in recent years, Al-Ain still stayed true to its roots. 

The uncompromised Dress code:

While the fact is universal in all the cities of the UAE, women are liable to dress according to Islamic practices. And it’s advised to cover themselves from head to toe, especially visiting the religious buildings. Such laws regarding the dress code are keenly imposed in Al-Ain as well, and flouting them as an expat is not a good idea. You just have to avoid revealing outfits, and the rest will be fine. 

The provision of Security:

Just like all the other parts of the UAE, Al-Ain is well-equipped with security systems. Whether it’s the cybercriminals or pocket snatchers, there’s no need to stress while carrying your valuable belongings. Remember that the cops here are just a call away. Yet, recalling the safety police helpline has become a necessity these days. 

The Last call!

With the progression of transportation and career opportunities, more and more expats are becoming a significant part of Al-Ain. So, shifting to this epic city of the UAE is the least we can do to appreciate the lingering succession. Yet, regardless if you’re seeking apartments for rent in Ras Al Khaimah or Al Ain, considering these 7 factors is mandatory for leading a peaceful life in the city for long.  

By Manali