We agree that dogs are cute, fluffy, and adorable. But, parenting a pet in the house involves taking on new responsibilities.

It takes a lot to constantly look after them, care for them, feed them, ensure that they get enough exercise, take them to the veterinarian, play with them, and, most importantly, refresh them at home.

Many dog applications are available online that can go handy, especially when you’re a working professional with a tight schedule or a new parent who has to look after their children.

As a result, dog owners who struggle to find time to spend with their pets may consider using these dog applications. These will save their time of shopping, strolling, venting to their pets, just with the help of a single click over the app.

Below Are The Top 10 Dog Applications For Pet Lovers To Consider:

Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training is an all-in-one dog clicker and clicker training software with three different sounds that eliminate the need for a separate clicker. It’s a method of speaking with animals, most notably dogs.

Free HD clickers, expert pet training ideas, and more are included in the app. This application is the best training tool for your pet, with fantastic design and visuals for ease of use and excellent results.

This is a must-have pet software for pet owners looking for a simple way to encourage good behavior in their pets.


Petbacker is a Singapore-based one of the best dog walking apps that covers the entire United States. This application is even operated in India and Italy. By allowing walkers to set their prices and customers to choose the most suited walker, the app makes matching and correlating easy.

Because each walker’s ratings are freely accessible, verifying each app’s current walkers is simple.

After each walk, a report card is generated that includes information about the pet’s care, a map of the places the dog has been walked, food and water information, and a picture. Grooming, sitting, boarding, and taxi service are among the many benefits offered by Petbacker.

Petbacker offers a special reward program for newly joined members with substantial discounts. Petbacker pays its walkers over $16 per hour and is a terrific way to make money.

11 Pets

The Pet First Aid app provides you with basic pet information. 11 Pets amplifies that information by letting you personalize every piece of data you enter rather than depending on you to analyze stock data. This includes features such as:

● Vaccination and medication records

● Deworming and medical problems are being monitored.

● Ensure that your flea and tick treatment is up to date.

There’s also an “Adopt” section where you may look at available pets for adoption.

The Pet First Aid app works well with the 11 Pets app. The latter teaches you the fundamentals of pet care, while the former allows you to apply what you’ve learned to your pet.

My Pet Reminders

Another fantastic application for pet owners is My Pet Reminders. This application allows owners to keep track of their pet’s prescriptions, and appointments.

This application allows users to create a personalized profile for their pet and keep track of important dates like appointments, flea, immunizations, tick, heartworm dosage reminders, and more.

Custom reminders, such as birthdays, dog shows, and competitions are also available through the app.

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet is a little different in that its goods are holistic, natural, and eco-friendly. They carry a wide range of goods, including apparel, toys, vitamins, and supplements, as well as grooming and cleaning items.

They offer free shipping on orders over $49, plus they have a fantastic weekly discounts area.

Only Natural Pet also offers a significant section called the Holistic Healthcare Library, full of information and videos. So, if you’re looking to make a healthy choice for your pet, this is an excellent place to start.

Pet Rescuers

This application allows you to connect with thousands of Pet Rescuers and cooperating shelters and hospitals all around the country.

It may be configured to send you comprehensively lost pet alerts for missing pets in your region. If your pet wanders away, their information will tell Pet Rescuers to keep an eye out for them.

The application includes sensitive information on what to do if you find a lost pet and heartwarming anecdotes about pets who have been reunited with their families after being microchipped.


PetCareRX is a fantastic alternative for pet medical products, where free delivery is available for $48 or more. PetPlus is a tremendous savings program offered by PetCareRX.

If you join this membership club, you’ll be able to get wholesale discounts on your meds as well as free shipping with no minimum purchase.

Discounts on additional pet supplies, local pharmacy pick-up, wellness, medicine, and breed guides are among the other advantages.


Fetch for Pet Care matches dog owners with the dog walkers from their network based on their requirements. Communication is done via phone calls, text messages, and a post-sitting report card.

Pet-walkers can keep pet owners up-to-date about their pet’s care in real-time via these communication ways. Every reservation comes with a backup sitter, so you can rest assured that your dog will get a walk when it’s needed.


Pawscout is a great pet tracker with many features that give pet owners a complete tracking experience. This app is available for Android and iOS, and it includes features such as a global map view, walks tracking, location history, and more.

On the Pawscout app, you can also find a list of pet-friendly locations so you may take your pet to places it will undoubtedly enjoy. You’ll also have access to a pet social network, which features pets from all across the neighborhood. Similarly, this tracker allows you to track your pet in real-time, 24×7.

You can use the tracker for free, but the pro version comes with many extra features.


This app is best for those who have in-network veterinarians, and it organizes your pet’s medical information.

PetDesk is a unique telemedicine app. It not only allows you to communicate with your pet’s veterinarian via video chat, but it also allows you to keep track of your pet’s visits, prescriptions, and other requirements.

All of your pet’s information, including names and contact information for veterinarians, preferred emergency animal hospitals, and groomers, is in one place. You can see what’s open, make calls, access relevant websites, and, in some situations, request an appointment or start a video call immediately from the app’s homepage.

You can save health data and prescriptions once you’ve created a pet profile. You may set reminders for giving your pet medication, refilling food and supplies, and scheduling checkups in the To-Do tab, as well as request birthday alerts.

While virtual sessions need an in-network veterinarian, you can use the program as a free medical dashboard for your pet’s records.


These dog apps make pet parenting a little easier—and more enjoyable! For even faster access, organize all of your dog applications together in one folder, and don’t forget to share your favorites with other pet parents. Our suggestions are likely to be a hit with both you and your dog!

By Manali