You hired a web design service and received a gorgeous, contemporary, and mobile-friendly website design. However, you now need to provide content but are unsure where to begin. Without search engine friendly content, a well-designed website is equivalent to a mobile phone without reception. To get the most out of it, you need both.

On the Internet, there are more than 1billion active websites, more than 1.7 trillion daily Google searches, and almost 300,000 tweets are sent every minute.

In this fiercely competitive world, it might be difficult to keep readers’ attention. Some studies claim that 50% of visitors only stay on a website for 16 seconds or less.

Understand Your Audience

Is it truly as easy as it seems? Consider the following when creating the content for your website: 

  • Who is my main target market?
  • What about a supplementary audience that can sway and educate my main audience?
  • How can users locate my website online?

To overcome these numbers, you need to have quality website content. A website that is well-written, responsive, and SEO-friendly appears at the top of search results and keeps people interested. Competition is at an all high in Dubai and most businesses need to keep up with all trends to stay up to date and hiring the best Web Design Agency in Dubai is a good choice if you’d like to kick off strong. 

If you run or work for an accounting business, your current clients may be your target market. Your secondary audience, though, is significantly larger. You must make sure that your material is appealing to and accessible to each of these audiences. Where do they spend the most time online? What specific details are they looking for?

Even if it is well-written and educational, if it is not optimized for search engines, it is unlikely that many people will find it. Consider your target once more. What Google search terms would they enter? Make sure to use those words in your subheaders and headlines.

Place Important Information At The Top of Your website.

Online users have short attention spans, therefore they will decide in a matter of seconds whether your website contains the information they require and you need to be at the top of your game when selecting Web design services in dubai for your company. Create your material in such a manner. The page’s headings feature the most significant messages. Afterward, gradually descend to the more detailed supporting data. Finish with the minor specifics.

Create Brief, Straightforward, And Basic sentences.

Sentences of 35 words or less are required due to the short attention span of today’s readers. Easy-to-read website content will inevitably reach a larger readership. Use verbs and nouns as your main focus. Only occasionally use adverbs and adjectives.

The readability of your writing is evaluated using a number or an education level (American Education System). You can scan your text using these three tools to determine how readable it is:

  • Microsoft Word
  • The Readability Test Tool
  • The Readability Calculator

Use Only Active Verbs.

Put an emphasis on the topic of the sentence and use active verbs rather than passive ones. Short, reader-friendly phrases are easier to write while using active voice. Additionally, it is more engaging to talk directly to the audience by saying “You can do it” rather than “It can be done.”

Use Images and Examples

Don’t confine your writing to generalizations and declarative statements. Readers can better understand and visualize your messages when you use specific examples.

Avoid Using Jargon.

According to   experts of  web design in dubai, always make sure the material is clear enough for the educated lay person to understand. On the initial reference, acronyms should be defined. Keep your words formal. Describe obscure or difficult terminology. Moreover, include connections to other articles where readers can find more background material on a specific subject.

Don’t Use “Very” Frequently 

Variety is essential to maintaining your visitors’ interest! By seeing the words you use the most frequently, word clouds are entertaining to use and might encourage you to employ a variety of words. To create your cloud, simply copy and paste your text into a free word cloud generator like this one or hire a web development agency in dubai to execute professional content writing services on your behalf. A word will seem larger in your cloud as you use it more. Have you ever used a word too frequently? In order to uncover fresh synonyms to improve your writing, type it into

Make The Material Easy To Read And Scan

Make sure the material is simple to scan through and place the most crucial information at the front of your website. The majority of web readers scan the page to discover the exact information they need; if they can’t quickly find it, they will go on.

Include Multimedia.

A photo, infographic, or video can at times be more powerful than 1,000 words. According to research, the human brain receives 80% of its information visually, and humans digest visual information considerably more quickly than text. Additionally, an easy-to-read chart or graph can clarify a complex subject better than words alone. There are many methods to use media on your website if you are not a graphic designer, and there are several excellent programs available to assist you in creating graphics yourself, such as Canva.

Tailor Your Website Content 

A web site’s excellent feature is how simple it is to guide visitors from one page to another. By including internet links to specific terms or phrases to other pertinent resources, especially those on your own website, you can assist users in discovering more excellent information. This will encourage visitors to stay on your site and engage with its content.

Web Design Agency in UAE emphasize that while creating internal links on your own website can aid in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), bear in mind that these connections should always be useful and relevant. People won’t know where to click if your text is visually cluttered with links.

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By Manali