Animation takes years to learn and perfect. There are so many different aspects to it, from the storyboarding process to the actual animation itself. It can be hard to know where to start, or even what you need to learn in order to make an animation.

One of the most important things is learning how to tell a story through your animation. This means understanding the basics of narrative structure and being able to create a well-rounded story that will engage your audience. You also need to know how to use animation effectively, making sure that each frame and movement serves a purpose in telling your story.

There is also a lot of technical knowledge required when it comes to animating, from learning how to use different software programs to understanding the principles of movement and physics. It can be a lot to take on, but with patience and practice you can become a master animator.

If you want to learn how to make an animation right now, then follow these steps:

1. Choose your story.

The first step is to decide what kind of story you want to tell. Do you want to create a short film, or a longer series? What is the plot going to be about? What are the characters going to be like? Once you have a good idea of what kind of story you want to tell, you can start planning out your animation.

2. Write a script.

The next step is to actually write out your story in script form. This will help you visualize the story and figure out exactly what needs to happen in each scene. It’s also a good way to start thinking about the dialogue and what kind of voice acting you might need.

3. Storyboard your animation.

Once you have a script, the next step is to storyboard your animation. This is where you map out each scene and figure out the key visual elements that need to be included. This is a critical step in planning your animation, as it will help you determine the overall flow and pace of your story.

4. Create your characters.

Now it’s time to start creating your characters. This includes designing their looks, developing their personalities, and deciding on their backstories. You’ll also need to create any animals or other creatures that will appear in your animation.

5. Animate your scenes.

The next step is to actually start animating your scenes. This is where you’ll need to use software programs like Adobe After Effects or Autodesk Maya to create the motion and visuals for your characters and objects. You’ll also need to add in any sound effects or music that will be used in your animation.

6. Render your animation.

Once you’ve finished animating your scenes, the next step is to render them out into a final video file. This is where you’ll export your animation as an .mp4 or .mov file so that it can be played back on computers and other devices.

7. Share your animation.

The final step is to share your animation with the world. You can upload it to video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, or you can embed it onto your own website or blog. You can also submit your animation to film festivals or other competitions.

How long would this take?

The length of time it takes to make an animation depends on a few factors, such as the length and complexity of the story, the number of characters and objects, and the software you’re using. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to create an animation.

What if I wanted to learn more advanced animation?

If you want to learn more advanced animation techniques, there are a few things you can do.

You can take online courses or tutorials, read books on the subject, or even attend animation workshops. You can even learn how to make an animation with the best of the best, such as CG Spectrum.

There are also a number of excellent animation software programs that you can use to improve your skills, such as Toon Boom Harmony or Adobe After Effects.

No matter what your goals are, with patience and practice you can become a master animator. So go out there and start creating advanced animations.


By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to learning how to make an animation right now. Just remember to be patient and practice a lot, and you’ll eventually become a master animator.

By Manali