Landlord responsibilities start the day when he puts his property for rent. Though renting out property is the best way to generate income, there are several responsibilities that a landlord needs to fulfill. To rent out the property, people think they only need to attract customers, and that’s it. But it’s not ended here. You have to abide by your responsibility being a landlord. 

There are several laws and regulations which a landlord must follow. Apart from laws, he also needs to follow the moral and ethical values of the contemporary era. In this article, we will guide you about the responsibilities of a landlord. It will help you in the future whenever you put out your property for rent. So, please read the article till the end, and you will find it worthy of reading. 

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Who is a landlord:

A landlord is the one who puts their property for rent to generate profit through it. It may be a piece of land, a luxurious flat, a stylish villa, or a room. A landlord advertises their land and then attracts customers through ads. 

Landlord responsibilities:

When it comes to being a landlord, certain responsibilities come on his shoulder. Along with profit, he has to accomplish his duty of being a landlord. The duties include local laws, country laws, societal norms, and customs- cultural ethics. Following are the responsibilities of a landlord.

Fair rent deal:

The first responsibility of a landlord is to earn a modest income from his property. He should not manipulate someone’s foolishness. A tenant may be new to a certain area. He may don’t know the exact rent of a place. So, in some cases, a landlord exploits his naivety and charges him more than the fair rent, which is against the laws. So, a landlord’s responsibility is to earn equitable money from him. 

Provide a neat and clean-living place:

The next responsibility is to provide a neat and clean-living place to his tenants. He needs to do proper maintenance before signing a deal with the tenant. He also needs to check and balance electrical supply lines- wires and electric cable. Along with these things, the flash and sanitary fittings must be in order. In case of any inconvenience, there must be an electrician and clean worker in your contact. If you are busy in the job, then you need to familiarize your tenant with the local market- providing him the contact number of an electrician, sanitary worker, landline technician, and plumber. Read more about Park View City. 

Provide the tenant his legal rights:

In local law, there is stated that a tenant must have access to the common areas. So, if there are any common areas in your house like a lawn, balcony, stairs, and a common room, provide the tenant’s access to them. With all these, a landlord also needs to supply the trash container to the tenant to store his used daily stuff. 

The legal rights vary as they depend on the country you live in. So, better to understand the laws of property of a country you live in. 

Look after the tenant safety:

Tenant safety must be the priority of the landlord. Many things are involved in the safety section. For your easiness, we will discuss it in the following bullets.

  • A landlord must provide a fire extinguisher to the tenant.
  • The emergency exit door must not be blocked whatever the circumstances are
  • The emergency ladder must be functional in the house. 
  • Parking spot- available and provided- needs to be open to the tenant 24/7
  • Indicate all the danger signs to the tenants like a trench, ditch, sparking plug, etc.
  • The swimming pool- if available- needs to be clean, and there must be emergency equipment like a life ring and rope on the sides.
  • The landlord needs to solve the blockage of the sewerage line, water pipe, and main pipe.
  • Supervise all hazardous issues like short-circuit, plug spark, and gas pipe leak needs to be addressed soon by the landlord. 
  • In case of old wiring or switches, call an expert like electrician perth for such electric maintenance services to resolve it efficiently with minimum downtime. Such electrical issues shouldn’t be taken lightly as old switchboards remain the number one reason for house fires.

Track record of the tenant:

As a responsible citizen, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the previous record of the tenant is clean. A tenant may involve in criminal activities, and given sanctuary to a criminal is a crime. So, a landlord needs to perform his duty for the nation’s interest.

Abide by the agreement:

A landlord should abide by the agreement he made with the tenant. He needs to fulfill his words. He should not kick out the tenant before the contract expires. 

Repair and compensate:

Suppose something unpleasant occurred with the tenant, the landlord needs to respond quickly. In case of repairing, the landlord must repair the broken walls.

Quite living environment:

A peaceful environment is mandatory to live a happy life. If a tenant hears a noise, loud music, and the sound of blatant radio, he can never rest or sleep well. So, keeping a noise-free environment is the duty of the landlord. 

Never disturb tenant privacy: 

A landlord needs to ask for the time from a tenant and never disturb his privacy. If he has something to discuss with the tenant, he needs to ask permission before entering his place. 

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In short, when a landlord fulfills all his duties, the living environment for him and the tenant turns pleasant.

By Manali