The Opus by OMNIYAT designed by Zaha Hadid, is a significant feature in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa District, featuring 90,000 square feet of bars and restaurants inside a 210,000 square foot entertainment zone in an overall built-up area of 2 million square feet. It is an iconic Omniyat lifestyle complex with a limited number of furnished units.

The Opus by Omniyat, designed by Zaha Hadid, is a mixed-use 20-story building with unique residences, elite workplaces, and great restaurants. Located well within the Burj Khalifa District, it is a premium luxury property it symbolizes a whole new level of life.

“The building that never sleeps” was entirely designed by the most pioneering architect, Dame Zaha Hadid, as a commemoration of her exemplary work that mirrors her brilliant imagination in exhibiting vision, skills, and eye-catching designs, as well as her talent in initiating an evolution in the field of architecture.


Beginning in 2005, Zara Hadid began collaborating with Omniyat projects and creator Mahdi Amjad for what would become Hadid’s debut work in the UAE.

Omniyat‘s Opus is made up of two constructions that combine to produce a single cube that appears to float above the ground, eroded by a flowing emptiness. The structure is a living, breathing being that feeds on light throughout the day and on the beautiful night sky of Dubai after dark.

The Opus facade, transparent and boundless, is the ideal canvas for a breathtakingly beautiful and spectacular show of personally programmed and complicated matrix LED lights. It is 93.0 m (305 ft) in height and has two storeys.

A free-form void sits in the center of The Opus Dubai. Along with its amazing, eye-catching design, the creative architectural void distinguishes The Opus by Omniyat designed by Zaha Hadid, from any other skyscraper in Dubai.

The architect designed every aspect of the building, from the outside to the inside, including materials and furnishings, with daring flowing shapes that act as a symphony to the eyes, creating a sense of heightened presence whenever one enters. The Opus’s outside shape is considered an aesthetic icon in architecture.


The Opus Tower Business Bay is built for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and F&B purposes. It has fully furnished residences with Grade-A offices. The main attractions of The Opus include The Atrium by Zaha Hadid; The Maine Land Brasserie; Roka; Botanica; Central Cosmo Tapas & Bar; Deseo; Salmon Guru; and The Basko.

The amenities include 24hr Concierge, 24hr Valet, an outdoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, spa facilities, fine dining restaurants & lounges, and basement parking. You will experience an upgraded luxury lifestyle with customized and à la carte services. From one and two bedrooms to breathtaking three-bedroom duplex and triplex possibilities (the latter with a rooftop patio garden), each apartment is a one-of-a-kind work of art. The houses are completely furnished with high-end furnishings and accessories.

Every aspect, from the outside to the inside, is a striking monument to Dame Zara Hadid’s distinct aesthetics and vision for the future. The project epitomizes the concept of residing at the heart of visual richness. It offers an unparalleled level of customized and exquisite five-star amenities. The Opus by Omniyat by Zaha Hadid offers the ultimate living experience, combining luxury, style, technology, furnishings, and fixtures in a particularly spectacular synthesis of poetry, grandeur, and modern living.

By Manali