When moving to a new city, there are a lot of things to consider, from where to live to what to do for fun. To help make the process a little bit easier, here are a few dos and don’ts of moving to a new city.

Do: Research your options.


Just like you researched the best city to move to, it’s crucial that you research other elements of your move, like your moving company. The best moving company can make your relocation a breeze. However, finding the right company can be a daunting task. There are so many companies to choose from, so how can you make sure you’re picking the best one? A resource like the best moving companies according to Forbes will offer an instant list of top-notch movers ranked by factors such as their customer service rating and service availability. If you’re going to trust these movers with your valuables and most special items, you’ll want to know you’re making the right choice.

Don’t: Move without having a job lined up.

It’s important to have a job lined up before moving to a new city. This way, you’ll have a steady income and won’t have to worry about finding a job right away. A long-distance move comes with plenty of challenges already—don’t add any unnecessary stress to your plate.

Do: Check out the city’s website.

Looking for information on city services? Most cities have an official website that has information on everything from city services to local attractions. You can usually find an online directory of city departments, as well as contact information for key city officials.

Don’t: Try to do everything on your first day.


When you’re moving to a new city, it’s important to take things slow. You’ll want to give yourself time to get to know the city and find out what all there is to do. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and try to do too much on your first day, but that’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up exhausted and with no idea what you actually want to do. Instead, take the first step in the right direction and start settling in stress-free.

Do: Contact the city’s chamber of commerce.

If you’re thinking of moving to a new city, the chamber of commerce is a great resource for information on the city, including where to live, where to work, and what to do for fun. The chamber can also provide information on the city’s business climate, as well as its economic development initiatives.

Don’t: Rely on Google Maps alone.

Google Maps is a great tool for finding your way around a new city, but it’s not always accurate. Make sure to talk to locals to get the best information on where to go and what to do. They’ll be able to tell you about the best places to eat, drink, and sightsee in the city. Additionally, they may be able to give you directions that differ from what Google Maps shows. So, if you’re looking to explore a new city, be sure to use Google Maps in conjunction with local advice to have the best possible experience.

Do: Join online forums and Facebook groups.

When moving to a new city, one of the best ways to get acclimated is to join online forums and Facebook groups for people who live in that city. These are great resources for information on everything from where to find the best pizza to where to find a job. You can also find out about events and meet-ups happening in the city, which can be a great way to meet new people.

The dos and don’ts of moving to a new city can help make the transition a little bit easier. By following these tips, you’ll be able to quickly settle into your new home with the help of Forbes Advisor-recommended specialty movers, new friends in the area, and the wealth of resources at your disposal.

By Manali