If you live in a country where the temperature crosses triple digits, it is vital to select a heat-tolerant dog breed to walk with a dog.

I was quite worried about how to walk my dog in the heat.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Hot Weather?

Despite choosing a heat-tolerant breed, you need to know some basic steps to save your dog from heatstroke. You should:

1- Vizsla

Vizsla, the breed from Hungary, is capable of withstanding high temperatures. Vizsla’s short sleek coat keeps them cool during hot weather. They are friendly and zippy. Hence, require at least 60 minutes of activity per day.

Fun fact, by adopting a Vizsla, you won’t need to visit the vet again and again.

2- Basenji

Hailing from Africa, Basenji is the curly-tailed best dog in hot weather. They are moderate-sized and get involved with everyone.

Basenji are famous as “barkless dogs” because they bark very rarely.

3- Whippet

Descends from Greyhounds, Whippets own thin coats that make them best suitable for hot areas. Whippets are mannerly and gentle. They easily adjust with kids and adults.

Moreover, Whippets have a problem-free gene pool immune to many diseases.

4- Dalmatian

Dalmatian is pretty compatible with a hot environment. Being well socialized, stimulated, and exercised, this breed will be a great family member; Dalmatian is aggressive and destructive behavior. Fun fact, 30% of this breed is typically deaf.

5- Ibizan Hound

Coming from Ibiza, this breed’s smooth fur and lean body is perfect to bear toasty temperatures. Playful and fun companion Ibizan Hounds are highly

Nevertheless, they may prove to be extremely stubborn.

6- Italian Greyhound

Due to their ultra-fine dog coat, Italian Greyhounds can withstand high temperatures. They could be the best running companions. Nonetheless, they are pretty naughty.

Italian Greyhounds are mainly prone to seizures.

7- Chihuahua

Hailing from Mexico, Chihuahua is a short-haired breed that used to live in hot weather. They are possessive of their owner and do not involve anyone.

Chihuahua has bold and bossy nature or maybe aggressive sometimes.

8- Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog, also known as Blue Heeler, is adaptive to live in extremely high or relatively every temperature. They are pretty swift, playful, and alive.

Although they are counted as a healthy breed, they can suffer from dysplasia and deafness.

9- Yorkshire Terrier

The tiny and fancy English dog Yorkshire Terrier can handle hot weather too. With naturally long locks, you can style them differently on various occasions.

They are hypoallergenic, sassy, and brave. Moreover, they are likely to adapt to reverse sneezing.

10- Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested dogs prefer a warm climate, thanks to their nakedness. This breed is usually loud-mouthed and can bark for long. When fully grown, they have silky dark hair.

However, their naked skin has a drawback too. They can get acne or other skin-related diseases.

By Manali