It is a sad fact that no matter how hard you try to plan your special day to make sure that everyone will be able to attend that you want to attend, which is going to be everyone you invite, there will still be those that will be unable to make it. Whether it is due to the point that they live in another country or too far away, or that the date, unfortunately, clashes with other occasions such as a big family vacation to a dream destination.

However, there is a way around this problem that could have them with you every step of the way throughout your day for their enjoyment as well as supporting you on your big day.

Help them feel that they are there with you

It is important to make sure that you help them feel that they are there with you in person, and the best you can do this is to create the very own broadcast of your special day. You will be able to connect with multiple people, so nobody that cannot make your day but wants to join you needs to worry about missing out on a single second. In fact, they could even get exclusive behind the scenes and be privy to any pre-church activities that are going on depending on which partner is in control of the podcast in the pre-wedding moments.

Obviously, while you are getting prepared for the service, any podcast will be via a handheld device such as a cell phone with a camera, but when it comes to the service itself, you will be able to swap to a much more professional affair. Melon offers church livestream solutions for your next church service, which includes weddings. This is great as it means that your wedding can be broadcasted to all those who could not attend the event in person so that they too can share on your special day.

Indeed, you will be able to swap back or go via video call after the service so that your absent guests can still enjoy the day and the social event as it continues outside the church and to the wedding breakfast.

Send bubbly and a piece of wedding cake

If you are well organized, you will be able to send your absent guests a small bottle of bubbly so that they can toast the happy couple during the speeches and if you purchase a small one-tired version of your wedding cake, you will be able to cut and send them a small piece of this to try when it is served after the wedding breakfast has taken place.

Each of these will not only help these special guests feel that they are in attendance and have them enjoying and celebrating your day with you but will also add an extra bit of memorabilia to your wedding day as the podcast will be able to be recorded so you will have it for years to come.

By Manali