What’s not to love about puppies? They are your best friends! It true, they are even known to be more loyal than humans. But adopting and keeping dogs can be challenging for you. You might have convinced your parents to let you bring a dog, or you probably have checked websites from where you can adopt a dog. These cute little adorable fur balls are hard to resist, maybe that is why you want to adopt them.

There are several factors to consider and decisions to make before you decide to bring your new friend to your home. This article will take you through some factors you need to know before you welcome your new BFF. To learn about them, continue reading!

Think Twice Before Making a Decision

Before deciding to adopt a puppy, make sure that you have a proper place for your dog. For example, if you have an apartment or a house with a yard, then it’s okay. But if you don’t have any place for your puppy to play, then it is not a good idea to adopt one. The other most important thing to put under consideration is, do you have anybody else who will be taking care of your puppy in your absence? If no, then this not the right time for you to make this decision.

Adopt Your Dog from Reliable Source

Adopting means getting your puppy from the shelter. Even though there are many breeders and pet stores out there making money by selling a dog. You should consider adopting a puppy from the dog shelter because they give puppies the care they need. If not, then search for different trustworthy sites to choose your dog. If you want to take cute teacup puppies your home then must visit foufou puppies they have the most adorable puppies, and also there is a good discount going on their site.

Make Sure Your Wallet can Handle It

Thinking of adopting a dog is easy, but taking care of him can be difficult as well as expensive. Like humans, dogs can also have medical emergencies. They will need bedding, harness, collar, high-quality food, and the list goes on. Make sure to have a good job or wealthy parents before adopting a puppy.

Dog Tags and Microchipping Are a Must

Though dogs are your BFFs, you never know if and when your dog will run away or get lost. To avoid such situation, you should get your dog a collar with proper tag and phone numbers on it.  If your dog couldn’t find his way back home, microchipping will make sure that your dog gets back to you safely. If you move, give the microchip company your new information and update the tag.

Brush Your Puppy’s Teeth Daily

Dental health is vital for your overall health. Same goes for puppies, remember to brush your dog’s teeth several times a week. If your dog doesn’t like it, you can make it a fun activity by rewarding him after each brushing.

Don’t forget to Trim Your Puppy’s nails

If you want to keep you and your dog healthy, then regularly trim his nails. If you do not do so, they can break and get snagged on something which can hurt so badly. Long nails can affect dog’s nervous system and their gait. If you ever find it difficult to trim your puppy’s nails, you can take him to the vet or groomer once in a month.

Dogs Need Toys to Play

Make your home a pup-proof place before taking your puppy to your house. Make sure to hide all dangerous items such as sharp objects, electric wiring, chemicals, and other harmful things. Similarly, put anything away that your new puppy can think is a toy. Keep your homework, phone, and favorite pillow away from your new friend. Buy some chewable toys for him, so he will not get bored.

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