Until you are ready to buy your first property, you never realise quite how much thought you have to put into finding the best property for you. Instead, we dream of the perfect home assuming that it will simply fall into our laps once we have enough money for it. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. And while you may have grand ideas for a dream home, buying a practical property that suits your lifestyle, and will accommodate any future growth, is a critical decision to make. For example, single storey Vs. double storey: which is best for you?

What appeals to you the most?

While it is important to weigh up all of the pros and cons before going ahead and investing in a property, there’s no shame in going for what appeals to you the most. Particularly if you are in a position where you don’t have to think much about space or accessibility, simply going off the aesthetic charm is reason enough.

Consider how much space you really need?

Of course, the big consideration is how much space you need. Typically speaking, a two storey home will offer more space than a single storey town house. However, it all depends.

If you have a child with you, having a house with more bedrooms is an important consideration; then again, there are practical advantages to living in a single storey home as well…

Who’s going to be living with you?

If you have small children, living in a single storey home without stairs is an attractive prospect. The same applies with elderly parents. If you will have your elderly mother living with you, then having a double storey home with stairs might not be as viable as a home where every room is on the same floor.

Is this your forever home?

If you aren’t a first-time home buyer and you plan to purchase this next property and live in it forever, then you do need to think carefully about the future. If this is the home you want to grow old in, having everything on a single storey would be wise. However, if you will be moving on once your teenage children move out, then perhaps a double storey could be a more viable option for now.

Which offers the best value for money?


This is a difficult one as it depends on a wide variety of factors. Double-storey houses tend to be more expensive, however, with a double storey you may have the added value of a larger garden. You also need to consider the location: single storey houses for sale in a gated community will be more valuable than terraced double storey homes. The same applies with how much work needs to be done on the property, how old it is (whether a new-build or resale), and so much more.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to you. Single-storey homes are not better than double, and vice versa. They each have different pros and cons and determine which is best suited to you takes a little thought and consideration.

By Manali