Kevin M. Cronin, Principal of Fortaris Capital Advisors, Bloomfield Hills, MI announced Fortaris Capital Advisors offers a new, innovative, artificial intelligence (AI) proprietary tool for controlling online crisis management situations for their clients. In today’s social media-saturated world, the mere mention of a crisis can severely damage a company’s reputation and destroy value. It is best to develop a crisis management plan before a crisis hits your company because social media posts can get viral in a matter of seconds.

With the speed at which negative online content can become viral, Fortaris Capital Advisors has been working diligently on a way to offer a more proactive tool to our clients to protect them from being blindsided by costly media content.

AI proprietary tool for best results

Fortaris Capital Advisors is excited to announce that we now offer an AI proprietary tool that allows our clients to control the narrative surrounding their organization. Our proprietary AI provides an in-depth threat and sentiment analysis of content related to an organization and our professionals can notify the organization before negative content goes viral.

Here at Fortaris Capital Advisors, we know how much goes into building a strong reputation. Unfortunately, with our experience in the industry, we also know how quickly a reputation can be tarnished due to viral media content that is out of the organization’s control. Often this will force organizations into long and costly reactive measures such as litigation, all while the profits continue to suffer.

Therefore, at Fortaris Capital Advisors, we are taking a proactive approach to managing our client’s risk. Fortaris Capital Advisors is prepared to develop and implement a tailored crisis management strategy for your organization that can dramatically reduce the impact of an immediate crisis and reduce the potential of a future crisis.

Cronin said “response time is crucial when it comes to dealing with online risk management. That is why at Fortaris Capital Advisors we have a mentality of DO first and debrief later. Not all content can be removed from online platforms, but that does not mean that it cannot be isolated from the public.  Our strategy is to identify threatening content in real-time and isolate this content from the public or remove the content altogether.”

This strategy allows us to reduce the “heat” on your brand or company and gain control of your narrative.

Key features

We accomplish this with our innovative proprietary AI models that crawl the online media world 24/7 and provide daily reports to our clients. In addition to daily reports, our constant visibility in the online media world allows us to identify and respond to threats in 1-3 minutes.

To make it convenient our tools do not require any software or hardware to be installed by our clients. We simply require a list of keywords, and we can begin protecting your reputation immediately.

We offer our clients the ability to review relevant media content related to their organization and assist them in formulating a response before the negative content can have a substantial impact on your reputation and profits.

If you have already fallen victim to a data breach and your content is already out there on the dark web, Fortaris Capital Advisors is able to work on your behalf to mitigate and remove our client’s information, help safeguard the data, and protect our clients in the future.

Cronin said, “We here at Fortaris Capital Advisors are so confident in our capabilities we are offering a free trial to our clients, if they are not immediately satisfied with the results it costs them nothing.”


At Fortaris Capital Advisors we pride ourselves on not only managing risk but predicting future risk and creating solutions before they impact our clients. We leverage our experience in the industry with innovative technology to provide the most advanced and effective solutions for managing risk on the market.

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By Manali