I know sometimes slow drains could be annoying especially when you can barely detect the cause of the issue. They could make the surroundings messy and even irritate sometimes.

In this article, I will share some causes of slow drains and prevention techniques. I know I just brought down your worries! Stay glued! Meanwhile, you can get the services of milbur plumbing for your slow drains solution.

What Are The Major Causes Of Slow Drains

Use of inferior plumbing materials

This is the first on our list because people tend to buy inferior materials because they’re trying to cut costs. 

This shouldn’t be so! You should ignore the cost and get the best materials to ensure longevity and issue-free drains. The pipes you’re getting and other materials should be of the best quality.

I can assure you that once this is in place then you’d get a lasting warranty for your drains and other plumbing accessories.


Sometimes you could be unaware that these materials have spanned beyond limits. Once you notice a slow drain you should check out if major damage has been done to your pipe or any connecting accessory. The only thing to do at this point is to reach out to a professional to come to fix it.

Food particles/dirt

Food particles and dirt can form clogs in the drain thereby making it slow. With these, water would be unable to flow through and trust met he could cause unnecessary headaches. 

The best thing to do is call a plumber and with the aid of bright light, he’d be able to check what’s in it and then flush it. This might seem easy to you but I’ll advise you to get a person who’s professional in the field.

Big sized objects

This happens in rare cases though but you could have a slow drain caused by big-sized objects in the pipe. It could be trinkets or gadgets mistakenly put in there. 

It is best to call a plumber who would check it and then remove it. If the object lingers at that spot it could turn out that water would not flow at all thereby putting you in an emergency.

Presence of sludge in the tank

When there is an issue with the tank caused by sludge then it’s possible to have a sluggish drain. This is capable of blocking the main channel of the water supply. 

The only way to fix this is by hiring a plumber. He would be able to check out what the exact issue is and beyond. In most cases, it might not be as serious as you think.

Damaged pipes

You know, a pipe is one effective accessory that connects to your main source of water and also to the drainage path. 

If there is a clustering of materials or a clog in the pipe, you might just have to wait for hours before water would flow to the sewage. You would not want this so the best way to curb this is by involving a professional who would either change the pipe or find a way of pushing the clusters out.

By Manali