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Google Doodle team members are available to help create high-quality games for special events and to raise awareness about current issues. These games can be played for between 2 and 20 minutes, but some may last as long as an hour. Below are the top Google Doodle games that you can still enjoy in the order you prefer.


Pac-Man is a timeless classic and it makes sense to start our list with this arcade game from 1980s. Google created this charming Doodle on the 21st May 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary Pac-Man. You can enjoy the nostalgia by enjoying dots, fruits, and perhaps ghosts.

The game’s objective is for you to remove all ghosts from the game. The game will be ended if you touch a ghost. Pac-Man can be played with the keys that move arrows on your keyboard. If you are playing with a friend and would like them to join your game, click “Insert Coin”, twice. Ms. Pac-Man will appear! She appears. The A,S, and D keys are used to control Pac-Man.


The Baseball Google Doodle was launched on July 4, 2019. What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by playing old-fashioned baseball? You can also play with any food you might find at a game of baseball, such as nachos or hotdogs. The other team can only eat peanuts.

The plate containing the food item you choose will be displayed at the start of the game. The Spacebar can be used to hit the bat. This is when the pitcher will throw the ball. You can earn more points and the pitch speed and pitch may change. When you strike out, the game ends. Find out how many points you can get!


To keep with the theme of basketball, players can shoot hoops with one time-passer. This was part of the Google Doodle Run, which saw you test your skills in soccer, slalom kayak, and soccer. Ryan Germick, Google Doodle Lead, stated that the four games were play over a span of 4 days 1 billion times.

The gameplay is straightforward–just hold and press the spacebar until you build up strength, then press it again to fire. You won’t be able to hit if you have too much strength or not enough. Learn how many balls you can hit in just 30 seconds!

4.Pacman 30th anniversary

It was released in 1996 and has been a top-rate computer game ever since. It is easy to see why this is so. Pacman 30th Anniversary, along with its exceptional arcade bureau game, provides a gaming experience that you can enjoy on your phone or tablet. How can we assess?

Here are all updates about the Pacman 30th Anniversary, Google Doodle Pacman game, and play your favorite Pacman game.

Google doodle celebrating Pac-Man’s 30 anniversary has been creating the amazing rounds. This really popular nostalgic retro game is a re-imagining of the iconic 1980s game.

5. Rubik’s Cube

It is composed of six colours, six edges, and 54 squares. The Rubik’s Cube was creat in 1974. In 2014, Google’s Rubik’s Cube Doodle was launched. This was in recognition of 40 years of people annoying all over the globe.

By twisting and turning the blocks, the goal is to make the Rubik’s Cure sides identical in color. To play Google Doodle, click on the link below and drag your mouse. Click and drag to spin the pieces and turn the Rubik’s Cube around. All the best!

6.Google Snake Mods

Modifying, or simply changing the data of a game to create new content, is what it is called. Modifying is often consider an essential part of gaming because it allows players to participate in games they love. A developer on Github created Mod Menus to unlock a variety of game-related content. This guide will help you modify the Google Snake Mods to increase your score or unlock more fruits.

The more fruit your snake swallows, the more it grows in size and to avoid losing, you’d have to ensure the snake doesn’t crash its head into a wall or into its own body. For one thing, Google Snake offers a modern look as well as different game modes, but assuming you are looking to spruce things up, then here’s the best Google Snake Mods to utilize right now.

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