Picuki Instagram is the largest social network for sharing photos and videos. Every second, thousands of photos and videos are uploaded to this platform across the world. Instagram offers a variety of options to alter the photos and videos. You are able to modify the quality, saturation, and brightness the colors, but you are able to not save the images or videos directly to the gallery on your phone. Users who wish to download videos or photos are unable to do so, and attempt techniques and hacks to save images and videos in their gallery or other folder. There are many applications that are available on the Play Store which allow users to save photos or videos uploaded to Instagram. Picuki is one such applications but is on a different platform.

Instagram App Picuki, or website.

It allows users to save and download photos and videos from Instagram. But the unique and distinctive feature of picuki is that it allows you to download images without being a member of the Instagram account. It is true that one need not sign in to their Instagram account in order to download videos and photos and videos. They can search for the account. Not just the account, but it is also possible using the help of popular hashtags.

Picuki isn’t only a tool for saving photos It’s more than that. Picuki can be used as an editor for images, similar to anyone who has posted photos on Instagram. This means you need to download it, and then edit your photos as well as change the background and colors of pictures can be altered and the brightness, saturation, and sharpness of images can be easily adjusted. This feature is accessible in other programs, however it’s only for specific options. Picuki allows editing the photos to the next level. It gives the photos and videos professional effects.

Picuki is often referred to as the pocuki which can be described as an image editor and viewer however, it does not have that excellent ranking on various trusted websites. However, it’s not prohibited at all. Rather it’s functioning and accessible for download. It is one of the most amazing ways to browse the profiles of your loved ones, friends and celebrities or others without signing up or registering an account on the application.

How do I make use of Picuki

In fact there are two ways to utilize the app or the website.

  1. The first method is to look up the images or videos on any public account by searching the username or user ID without logging into your account.
  2. Another option is to look up the images and videos by using hashtags. You can view the photos of famous people, brands and other people who use the hashtags that you are looking for. When searching hashtags, you do not have to sign up. Simply search, see the results and save the images as many as you like.

Simple way to edit pictures on Picuki

Other programs available in the web or in stores allows you to download photos and videos on Instagram however they don’t provide the features needed to edit these photos. Picuki is the one platform that can let you edit images online. You can edit the photos as well as the saturation, colors hue, background brightness, and exposure are all possible to be adjusted, and then after that the images can be downloaded and saved photos immediately.

How do I access the story without having to log into picuki

One of the best features of picuki lets you to browse and access Instagram accounts without having to sign in to Instagram. You can not only access Instagram’s photos however, you also have the ability to look through accounts’ stories. Instagram accounts. Just tap the story icon and you can view the stories, without having to log into your account.

Image Uki as an Instagram editor and a viewer

Picuki is similar to an Instagram photo editor as well as a viewer. It permits you to browse the videos and photos The additional option is editing the images. There is no other software allows you to edit your photos. Therefore, you can edit your photos by using a variety of editing tools, for instance, you can alter the background for a photo and alter the brightness of the uploaded image. Additionally, one can alter the hue, saturation and the exposure of images. Once you have edited the photo, it are able to immediately save the image to your gallery.

Benefits of picuki

The main benefit of picuki is the fact that one is able to access the media on Instagram with no account. In the majority of applications, they require users to sign in to view videos and photos however, not so for picuki, which means there’s no requirement to worry about security of your account. Another benefit is picture editor. If you feel that a picture is not as bright or lacking something, you can modify it using the aid of the picuki image editor to achieve the best results.

By Manali