E-Trade Crypto offers security and digital products that allow investors to gain wealth and take part in the upsurging trend market. Cryptocurrencies are the digital assets available on exchange platforms. Although the market is highly volatile and experiences unexpected price fluctuations, it is not going to crash. Also, the currency is here to stay. Furthermore, the increase in demand for particular tokens is resulting in a rise in price value. The cryptography technology used by this digital currency is bringing innovations in payment ways. Tesla, the leading automobile chain, is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Moving on, the crypto tokens are stored in digital wallets that are protected with key credentials making them accessible for the particular owner. And the buyers can purchase these tokens with fiats from reputed safe exchanges. 

Exchange Crypto Online – allowing buy crypto with fiat

Exchange Crypto Online is made possible by digital platforms that also allow consumers to buy crypto with fiat. Fiat is the government-issued currency also termed as traditional means. Online exchange platforms are more than hundreds in number and not all of them allow fiat-to-crypto exchange. However, they do provide users with various options to use to buy crypto with fiat. 

Card Payment

Crypto buying with credit cards is provided by online platforms to enhance their worth. Because the demand for crypto coins is increasing dramatically with every passing day. Therefore, online exchange platforms are allowing consumers to opt for this payment method. The cards so far used are VISA or MasterCard. With a credit card, consumers can buy crypto online and directly transfer the assets to their wallets. Also, the process is secure and quick which has minimized the need for hard cash. The exchanges and issuers charge a fee for transactions that are as minimal as 3-4%. 

Bitcoin ATMs

As of 2013, the first Bitcoin ATM was made and installed in the Vancouver state of Canada. After this, Europe followed by installing its first ATM in Bratislava. These machines allow users to buy crypto tokens with fiat and with some consumers can sell their assets as well. Furthermore, these machines facilitate unbanked people. 

Bank Transfer

Most exchanges accept bank transfers for buying crypto tokens with fiat. In this way, consumers can deposit their funds in their respective accounts and without having to wait can buy cryptocurrencies, may it be Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, Dogecoin, or others. Also, the transfer fee is comparatively less and zero varying on the region and placement of the buyer. 

Buy from Other People

Another way to buy crypto coins with fiats is from other owners. This process however is risky, as in some cases there are third parties involved known as brokers. The middleman is the guarantor of the purchase and receives a commission in return. Furthermore, there is another way – peer-to-peer purchase. In this, the buyer and seller come in direct contact and carry out the purchase. 

Crypto Trade Patterns – Predicting Rise and Fall in digital crypto money

Crypto Trade Patterns are an integral aspect to make predictions in the digital crypto money price swings and fluctuations it faces. Chart patterns are formed when the price faces reversal or continuity. Here, the trend is either bullish or bearish depending on the situations faced by the price in the market. Crypto Trade Patterns can be repetitive as they predict the direction in which the particular token market will move. There are various patterns in this sort. 

Wedges Patterns

The wedges are formed by joining two converging trend lines. It is of both types – reversal and continuous. Also, it forms both bullish and bearish patterns concerning price fluctuations. This trend is further classified into two types; rising and falling wedges. 

  • The rising wedges are trend lines caught in the middle of two upward support and resistance lines. These show the decline in the price value of crypto tokens and that they will eventually stay in the same condition. The trend is formed when the price breaks through the support level.
  • Whereas, the falling wedges form between two sloping levels that are downward in the direction. It is the opposite of rising wedges patterns as the price is indicated to rise and will tend to do so. The chart pattern is formed when the price breaks through the resistance level.

Symmetrical Triangles

The symmetrical triangle pattern is formed with simultaneously occurring lower highs and higher lows. These are created by the market. This shows the consolidation of the price. Here, the trend-line connecting both highs and lows is converging. There is another name used for this pattern – pennant. The symmetrical crypto pattern is either reversal or continuation where price value breaks in a similar direction to action before consolidation. Furthermore, the reversal arises in the case of price breakout direction opposite to consolidation.

Altogether Now

Cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic in the headlines. That is so because of the popularity their worth is gaining with businesses and industries accepting it as a payment method. Furthermore, E Trade Crypto is becoming the most favorable investment type. 

By Manali