It’s not commonplace in this digital age to need to remove text from an image in order to make it editable. This is especially true given our reliance on paper documents, which can only be digitally edited with the use of OCR software. Optical character recognition (OCR) is an AI-based pattern recognition technique that detects text inside a picture and converts it into an editable digital document. Moreover, you confirm the value of OCR in converting the image into readable text with the help of image to text technology.

In this article, we will talk about OCR technology that helps to extract text from images.

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What Is OCR?

It’s an online program that employs complex algorithms and optical character recognition to extract text from images. It’s also referred to as an image to text converter. Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technique that recognizes characters in a language and allows them to be edited with various tools. Photo to text technology is quite enough to explain the worth of OCR in the present time.

Convert Images To Text Online on Windows:

Many OCR solutions are available if you choose to transform photographs on your Windows PC. Easy Screen OCR is a fantastic Windows OCR program that extracts text accurately. It’s a little, 7MB tool that runs from the system tray real mermaid pictures. You can either capture a new screenshot or upload an image file to extract text from. Image-to-text technology is one of the great technologies that assist you to convert your image to text converter on a window.

Although the program is extremely accurate at extracting text, it does not take into account formatting or typefaces. You’ll get a simple text with the default font size and spacing. You can’t save the text to a document, but you can copy all of the extracted text using the Copy button.

Convert Images To Text on Mac:

There aren’t many good OCR programs for macOS, to be honest. You’ll have to pay for good OCR software for Mac if you want to utilize it. One of the most powerful OCR programs for macOS is TextSnipper. Text can be extracted from pictures, PDFs, presentations, videos, and screencasts, among other things. The tool comes with a 10-day trial edition that allows you full access to all features. If you like the tool, you can upgrade to a pro version based on your requirements. Readiris can extract text from images/PDFs saved on your computer, as well as capture screenshots of any image and extract text from them.

Use An OCR Chrome Extension:

If you want to extract text from web photos, in particular, a Chrome plugin can help. Copyfish and Project Naptha are two extensions you can enjoy for this reason.

You don’t have to do anything; simply install the extension, and every image you discover on the internet will become selectable. When you come across a picture with text inside, hold down the left mouse button to pick and copy it. If you like, you may even have it translate selected text. You will admire the services of image to text converter technology when your work will be easy without wasting time.

Use Google Docs To Extract Text From Images:

You won’t need any additional program to extract text from photographs if you currently use Google Docs for document production. Image to text converter technology defines how Google docs are a good platform to convert your photo to text without mistake.

Google Docs provided the greatest text extraction that nearly mirrored the image of all the OCR software I tested.

Final Words:

Well many tools, thankfully, allow you to extract text from photos using OCR technology.

You cannot deny the important role of OCR when you use image to text converter technology to ease your work by turning your images into readable text.

By Manali