A banquet hall is a spacious venue where special events like wedding receptions, parties, and other events are held. It’s a grand space, fueled by the energies of happy people, elaborate decorations, and delicious cuisine. Listed below are some tips that will help transform a banquet hall into a grand palace fit for royalty!

7 Ideas To Make A Banquet Hall Grand

  1. Hang Special Drapery

Banquet halls have a lot of space to work with, so if the guest list is small, chances are that there will be large, empty walls in the room. Hanging special drapery from the ceiling and viewing galleries and around the stage can create a dramatic illusion of grandeur.

Drapes can also be used to cover unsightly doors or storage closets. While billowing fabric in shades of pastel yellow and white adds a magical yet elegant touch, it’s best to choose colors that complement the general theme of the event.

  1. Mix Up Seating Arrangements

One of the concepts of modern interior design is to play with a variety of shapes and sizes that will complement the seating arrangements. Doing so makes the space more relatable in terms of size while reducing blank, unused areas.

Depending on the event being hosted at the banquet hall, use a combination of round and square tables. Select upholstered chairs that blend in well with the theme but are not too monotonous or drab. 

Offering something unique will set the banquet hall apart from the rest and entice customers to book the venue to create cherished memories. To find custom-made chairs and tables for banquet halls, visit Keekea.com.

  1. Add Tall Centerpieces

Tall centerpieces are a quick and easy way to add a grandiose element to any space. Choose light, creamy colors for the centerpieces instead of gaudy, flamboyant ones that will draw attention away from the main event. 

Gorgeous floral bouquets in glass or crystal holders can add more height to the table without being too conspicuous. Transparent or lightly-tinted glass or crystal holders can create a stunning illusion of floating floral elements, adding an ethereal charm to the space. 

  1. Consider Adding Different Furniture

All banquet halls need not look the same – adding little personal touches can make all the difference. While decor, seating arrangements, and cuisine will be different for each event, there are a few other design elements that can set a banquet hall apart.

For example, converting a storage area near the door into a coat-check area is a great way to tell customers you care. You can also invest in a movable buffet unit so that a large dance floor can be created toward the end of the event. For quality wardrobe tubes and soft-closing hinges for your custom-designed coat-check area and buffet unit, visit Maxave https://www.maxavegroup.com/

  1. Install Capri Flooring

Conventionally, banquet halls are synonymous with hardwood flooring or carpeted floors. While these two are easy to install and maintain, they don’t necessarily add any aesthetic value to the space.

Capri floors, on the other hand, are an element of timeless beauty, especially if they are paired with marble skirting and patterns like medallions. The best part is that Capri floors are versatile; they suit all events, from weddings to formal company dinners.

  1. Install Custom Lighting

Installing custom lighting in a banquet hall can truly elevate its beauty. With the help of custom lighting, the grand architecture of the room can be highlighted beautifully. The lighting can be tailored to match the base decor of the space.

You can also hang gorgeous chandeliers over the seating area, dance floor, or altar to create a focal point. If the banquet hall has exposed beams, LED strip lights can add a warm glow to create a ‘wow’ factor. 

Lighting can work wonders for space since it draws attention toward focal points and away from areas like the buffet table or storage closet. It adds a palatial vibe and sets the ambiance for any space, including a banquet hall. Brands like Vorlane LED light OEM can be contacted for custom lighting designs on a large scale.

  1. Select Neutral Colors

Most modern banquet halls use neutral paint colors for the walls and ceilings. Neutral colors like cream, beige, and white add a classy aura to a space while providing the perfect base for highlighting any decor elements.

In addition, neutral undertones suit both contemporary and vintage event themes, and they never go out of style. Lighter pewter paints and shades of gray also make the banquet hall look more spacious and welcoming.


Needless to say, a banquet hall is a place of celebration; it is where precious memories are created for a lifetime. Lighting schemes, paint colors, and seating arrangements play an important role in setting up a modern interior design scheme. The tips listed above will help transform the banquet hall into a stunning wonder.

By Manali