Marketing Your Real Estate Business: How to Take Care of Your Clients

According to industry analysts, while the real estate business in Australia continues to rise for the 32nd year in a row, the rivalry has been more intense than ever before. However, many estate agents are uninformed of the need of working with a reputable digital marketing agency to bring in new leads. They also aren’t aware of the importance of caring for and nurturing these new leads in order to grow their business via the happiness of delighted clients.

In this piece, we’ll discuss how to better serve your consumers through marketing, as well as how to provide the best product possible in order to prevent competitors from gaining an advantage.

1. Follow up on leads that have been generated

After making the decision to hire a digital marketing team to push prospects through your doors, the first thing you should examine is whether or not you have the means to respond when they arrive. In order to effectively follow up on your real estate leads, you and your team must be prepared to do so right away.

In order to attract consumers and sellers who are actively looking for your products and services, using social media marketing to entice them is a successful method. One problem to this method is that if you do not follow up with leads as soon as possible, your rivals’ adverts will be shared with those potential customers as well, and you will lose them.

First impressions are critical, and having the ideal automated email to notify them that you’ve received their request and will be in touch with them shortly, or how the person who phones them first is received, are all significant.

Because of this, it is vital to have the right customer care personnel in place to contact your clients and respond within one working day of their contact. Additionally, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) such as Pipeline, which integrate all of your queries into one platform, such as social network ads and website enquiries, should be taken into consideration. Your goals and objectives will be easier to manage, keep track of, and follow through on as a result of this.

Tip: Keep in mind that leads might come in the form of comments on posts, direct messages, or even simple likes on social networking sites like Facebook.

Making an honest attempt to add value is step number two.

People, and this is especially true in the real estate market, are constantly on the lookout for the best possible value for their money. Although giving out freebies may seem counterintuitive from a business sense, it is a good strategy for building trust with customers and differentiating your firm from the competition, as explained below. In a sea of competition, the goal is to be recognized as the company that provided the best product or service available at the time. It also provides you with marketing suggestions that are outside the box for gaining new consumers.


Allow your clients to utilize a free-moving vehicle with your company’s brand painted on the side to go to and from your location. Additional benefits will accrue to you and your clients as a result of your business being paraded through the city while their belongings are being transported.

Free Live Q&A sessions are available to those who are interested in purchasing or selling a home. In your career, this will help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert, and it will also help you build a strong relationship with your target audience (whilst collecting their information).

Allow people to get free home appraisals, which may be done instantly online or in person over a period of time. This is another another wonderful tool for gathering data and getting email addresses for marketing purposes, such as campaign marketing and other similar activities.

Create aesthetically pleasing graphic maps of the local area to entice potential customers to visit the businesses, restaurants, and parks in the area, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. By including video and music, you can make them more fascinating and interactive. It’s crucial to remember that people purchase a home for the lifestyle that it will give – and a large part of that lifestyle is determined by the area in which the home is located. Engaging the local community and getting to know the location better can allow you to advertise your real estate firm in and of itself (be sure to hand out your business cards while you’re out and about, though).

Provide resources and content that will be useful to your potential clients as part of your social media marketing activities, such as webinars. You will be noticed if you oversell instead of giving online value from a great distance by the vast majority of people (especially millennial customers). Examples of customer-attracting phrases include: “How to make your home more sellable in five minutes” or “Checklist of everything that a buyer would look for in order to detect a problem in your property.” The information in this framework may also be applied to the creation of outstanding SEO content for blogs, which will assist you in ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

3. Make a gift for someone special!

Don’t forget to convey your gratitude to your customers once a sale or transaction has been concluded by sending them a thoughtful gift. This will aid in the strengthening of current bonds as well as having a long-lasting influence on others. Remember that word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most successful marketing tactics accessible.

Unique gifts will garner greater attention, and if you can relate your gift back to your real estate company, you’ll be well on your way to being a successful business owner. The vast majority of people will post pictures of their gifts on social media, resulting in free promotion for your company. Because people are always interested in hearing about someone’s accomplishment, it also provides you with more content for your social media platforms!

Evaluations and referrals are the fourth step.

Make a questionnaire for your customers and ask them to provide you with evaluations or to create testimonials for you to post on your website as part of the process. People place a great significance on other people’s points of view. Therefore, by requesting consumer feedback, you may be able to improve your services while simultaneously leveraging the knowledge to better advertise your business.

Tip: After having a poor experience, the vast majority of people go out of their way to find and submit nasty reviews on other websites. Therefore, you must actively seek positive reviews that will inspire other people to invest their trust in your company’s products and services.

Create a referral system, whether it’s a free massage or an Amazon gift voucher, to reward current customers while simultaneously recruiting new ones.

Communication is number five.

This may appear to be a straightforward strategy for demonstrating your concern for your consumers, yet it is usually missed. Arrive on time for appointments, contact with your clients regularly about the status of the treatment rather than having them chase you down, and remember personal information about your clients.

The sensation of being heard is extremely appealing to people. Using information such as the fact that their child’s birthday is coming up next week or that they are a huge AFL fan, you can build a relationship with them and demonstrate that you genuinely care. This is a wonderful strategy of positioning yourself for success while also earning huge brownie points in the eyes of your peers and subordinates alike.


It’s important to remember that new leads can only go you so far if you don’t have the resources or skill set necessary to adequately satisfy your clients’ demands in the first place. Investing in customer relationship management systems, free services, and training for team members may appear to be a major financial investment at first glance, but it is little when compared to the amount of value and credibility you will bring to your real estate agency.

By Manali