Have you heard about C60 before? Well this is a laboratory made molecule that has been proven to be instrumental for both industrial and human consumption use. The version of C60 oil that is used for industrial tasks do not measure more than 99.95% in terms of purity and could be dangerous to human consumption. C60 supplement olive oil meant for human consumption has to be very pure and that means a higher rating than 99.95%. Now that many people are receptive to using C60 and the benefits it has, a number of amateur mistakes can be made that will be mostly to their health when unchecked. Find out the main mistakes you should avoid making when trying out C60 olive oil today. 

Poor research

This is the easiest mistake people make, assuming they can understand all there is about C60 oils after already using them. There are a number of factors you must care about before your shopping procedure for instance the amount of money to set aside, how to pick credible sellers, the precautions to take when using it among other factors. There are also potential side effects to using the supplement that you ought to know before commencing the use of the same. The more informed and alert you are concerning it the easier it becomes to do the right things that will not jeopardize you or your health when shopping.

Never consulting a doctor

It is only right that you resort to using supplements when your doctor thinks it is okay for you to do so. This makes it necessary to have a meeting with your doctor for consultations on whether the C60 supplements are necessary for you. Besides addressing your health concerns the doctors also points you to the right direction on where you can purchase your C60 olive or CBD oil from. This makes the search process easier and besides reduces the risk of you having to work with unsustainable and poor quality C60 oil options.

Not observing your dosages 

The amount of C60 oil you are to take every session has to be predetermined during the purchase stage. This is the reason consumers have to purchase from authentic stores that can give actual dosage instructions that make sense. Remember you will need a dosage to adhere to considering your health, age and body size and the same factors apply to the dosage of your dog. Your doctor can also guide you on how to handle the dosage during the consultation period to ensure that you never over do the product.

Irregular consumption 

Consistency is the key to getting the desired results when using C60 oils. There are different reasons why people purchase C60 olive oil for use however adherence to the dosage and being consistent is what gets them the results that they need. Experts recommend daily use of C60 oil if able to for the best outcomes. You can also cut it down to about 3 or 4 times a week supposing you are unable to use it on a daily basis. It is the consistency that will accelerate the results you want to achieve on your health and skin quality.

Consuming it with caffeine or alcohol

You should know that C60 olive oil is already a food product and is okay being consumed independently. If there are any additions to be made is enough water intakes to improve how it is absorbed by the body. It is however inappropriate to consumer C60 olive oils with caffeine or other forms of stimulants. There seems to be a misguided notion that consumption of C60 oil with alcohol or caffeine might improve the general efficiency. This is unfortunately the opposite of the truth and such beverages should be avoided if the molecular structure of C60 is to remain stable. If anything the drinks can only end up having adverse effects to the efficiency of the anti-oxidative supplement.

Poor choice of seller 

There is no denying that use of C60 oil for cosmetic and health benefits have been massive around the world. This creates loopholes in the market due to excessive demands by consumers that have to be met. It is no wonder there are many sellers online waiting to take advantage of naïve buyers. You should therefore consider finding a certified seller with FDA approved C60 oil products. Proceed to check their reviews to determine whether they can be trusted before you get to factors like product description transparency, ingredients used for manufacture, pricing and any other special dates like expiry you should pay attention to. This protects you from the possibility of purchasing poor quality C60 oil products for you or your pet’s consumption.

Insufficient water intake 

It is true that C60 is not soluble with water hence cannot be mixed together. To make it soluble you are advised to use oil options like hemp or olive oil. This does not however mean that you cannot drink water after consuming C60 olive oil. Enough hydration is important to ensuring that there is proper absorption of C60 oil into your body for the supplements to take effect. You should also give your pet plenty of water should you be subjecting it under the same supplement as most households do. The recommended amount of water intake by doctors is at least 8 glasses a day. 


You can have an easy time shopping for C60 olive oil online today thanks to the number of licensed sellers allowed to operate online. Your search should however commence after researching factors like how to choose the ideal seller and the features to look for in C60 olive oil or hemp oil before purchase. It is your precaution and ability to pay attention to details that will help you make the right decision in your search for the best C60 olive oil supplement.

By Manali