Lucky wholesale provides a wide variety of apparel, and heat transfers- vinyl and rhinestones, sequin patches, hats, caps, bags, and much more. It is a wholesale as well as a retail shopping center based in Dallas, Texas.

Jogger pants, shorts, tees, hats and caps, patches etcetera are all available at Lucky wholesale.

It provides a wide range of varying products. From premium quality t-shirts to jogger pants to shorts, from beanies to bucket hats, from heat transfers to sister to sequin patches- lucky wholesale covers you every step of the way.

Lucky Wholesale Shirts’ Variety

A shirt can be any fabric you cover your torso with, but that’s not all that is to shirts. Looking at the diversity in fashion and style, shirts have got lots of kinds, shapes, and names.

A plain, soft, buttonless shirt is what you call a t-shirt.

The shirt with buttons down a collar with a rather thick fabric is the world-famous polo.

Apart from these basic genres of shirts, there have been various inclusions under the title ‘shirt’. Today, sweatshirts, tank tops, and ladies’ crop top also fall under primitively simple shirts.

A dress shirt, however, is also a type of ‘shirt’.

Raglans are a bit unique name to her, but they do fall under shirts as well. Their unique seamless stitching makes them different from all other shirts.

All these varying shirts are available at lucky wholesale. For adult men, women, and kids too. Are you worried about your body type and size? Don’t worry, because lucky wholesale has everyone in mind. It has various sizes for all its articles. Even the skinniest and the fullest can have the attire they desire.

Lucky wholesale also manufactures kids’ clothes. It provides youth premium quality tees, baby onesies etcetera.

The ultimate look of a lucky wholesale item stands out amongst others in the field. It is because of the unique, elegant, and sophisticated stitching patterns. The manufacturers at lucky wholesale use double-needle stitching for their products. At the end of the manufacturing process when the product is ready to ship your way, it shows finesse. Lucky wholesale products have double stitches at the sleeves, hem, and shoulders.

Face Masks: The New Normal

In this post-Covid world where living with the virus is the ‘new normal’, masks never go out of use. Are you worried the typical surgical masks will ruin your outfit? Lucky wholesale is there to your rescue! It provides breathable, light cotton masks. Not to forget the different colors and styles that’ll rock your outfit!

Winter Outfits

What’s the best part about winters? We bet it’s the thought of being snuggled in those oversized, cozy, warm, and soft sweatshirts or pajamas. After all, a PJ party can never bore you- even if you’re alone! Lucky wholesale jumps right in, again. The fashion jogger from lucky wear will give you a new sense of comfort and ease. Jogger pants are traditionally for sports but you can wear them casually. That’s the beauty actually because even casual joggers from lucky wholesale don’t look as casual. A wider hem at the top gives strain free fit. The narrow hem towards the ankles encapsulates your body heat that’s much needed in the winters.

Lucky wholesale doesn’t only have casual jogger pants when it comes to winter apparel. Soft and plush pullovers, hoodies, and zippers come in handy too.

Want outerwear to hang on your shoulders, and not close at the front? You’re at the right place because lucky wholesale has a wide range of pullovers too. The hoodies don’t need any more praise though, because who doesn’t love a hoodie! They’re completely magical when they draw you in to snuggle in them.

Gear the Headwear!

Lucky wholesale also has various headwear. Beanies, bucket hats, visors, and the traditional p-caps are all available at lucky wholesale.

All sorts of headwear have sprung out of the singular hats. The elite gentry used to don hats to show their wealth off. Those who wore hats were considered connoisseurs of sophistication and class.

If you’re fond of unique and classy headwear, you’re at the right place. Lucky wholesale has various caps- for both genders- not to forget. It also provides beanies, bucket hats, visors etcetera.

So, rush to grab your headgear for a scorching hot day or a cold wintry night.


Lucky wholesale also has heat transfers in stock. It provides heat press printing services as well. If you’ve got a plain shirt that bores you, hand it over to lucky wholesale. Their heat press printing, and the print of your choice, will give you the entertainment you need!

It also has direct-to-fabric (DTF) transfers. All you need to do is cut, weed, and apply, and voila!

If stickers aren’t your thing you can choose the patches too. Lucky wholesale has sequin patches, as well as embroidered. You can also choose vinyl sheets or sublimation papers.

All you need is the designer instincts, and leave the rest to lucky wholesale.

Various brands have been on board with lucky wholesale. They have a never-ending supply of garments, in line with the fashion trends and the weather. Gildan, Bella Canvas, Lucky and Blessed Life LLC/L&C, Lucky Friends etcetera are a few to name.


Another feather in lucky wholesale’s cap is the way they manufacture their products. High-quality fabric is being used in almost all the brands in coalition with lucky.

Their manufacturing process is environment-friendly too. All the residual fragments are recycled and reused in their products.

The caps they make are breathable, because of the eyelets left open for ventilation. The buckled and grommets on the caps are also rust-free.

The t-shirts are made using 100% cotton and polyester- respective to their makeup.

Moreover, they manufacture their tote bags with PVC Polyester and recycle 50% of them. These bags are large, spacious, and stylish of course. They also have zips to fasten them, so your clutter doesn’t spill out!

In the light of all the above-mentioned products, lucky wholesale does cover everything! It is a one-stop shopping center for you. Buy huge like a whale, and choose lucky wholesale!

By Manali