Buying a property is a big financial and lifestyle decision. When investing in real estate in Cambodia, choose the quality property that needs less maintenance and has a high appreciation in value. With time, business opportunities increase in Cambodia, creating a demand for real estate for commercial and residential purposes. No matter if you are looking to move to Cambodia or looking for an apartment change, or wanting to purchase a residential or commercial property just for investment pursuits, then IPS Cambodia has got your back. They will help you find the high-quality property for you at the best prices. 

Features Of A High-Quality Property

High Quality or premier property is the best investment for real estate in Cambodia.  IPS is the only real estate company in Cambodia that understands every feature of the premier property and specializes in finding them in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and other major cities of Cambodia. 

The Property Should Be Airy And Well-Ventilated

A good property is one with good vibes and a well-ventilated space for living. Denizens stay content and healthy in a well-ventilated home where ample sunlight comes in, and air streams well. Good ventilation is essential for various reasons. It helps control the lingering moisture inside the house and keeps the floors, ceilings, walls, and furniture dry. Decent airflow can remove the foul odor from the place and help maintain the fresh scent in the area.

The Interiors Should Be Ergonomic

 Efficient design and well-utilized space are two of the most critical aspects that make a house comfortable and soothing. An ingeniously designed interior built with an ergonomic design with good area utilization makes the rooms look more spacious.

Quality Construction

Quality construction is the most crucial thing in a property and is desired by everyone because it gives the buyer a sense of safety. A well-constructed property remains inhabitable for a good amount of years and does not create problems over time. It saves enormous repair and maintenance costs and has good resale value if one decides to sell it.

The Height Of The Ceilings Should Be Good

The good ceiling heigh gives rooms a spacious look, and one can get the false ceilings without causing the rooms to look congested. High ceilings give a room a more capacious look.

Spacious Living Room and Master Rooms

Living rooms are the most integral parts of any house. It is where we usually entertain guests and spend most of our time. So the room’s design must be ergonomic so that one can actually feel the space and comfort inside the room. A living room generally has the dining area in a typical flat. Hence, the ideal house should have enough space to keep the furniture properly.

Quality Fittings

Good taps, shower fittings, bathroom fittings, and locks give a house an attractive look. Moreover, good quality fittings with good designs add a touch of oomph to the interiors and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Why Trust IPS Cambodia For Quality Property

 Independent Property Services (IPS) is Cambodia’s most reliable and premier real estate company. They have been in this business since 2009 and have made their way to the top. They have offices in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, which provide premium real estate opportunities to locals and ex-pats. 

They have strong local affinities and knowledge, which helps to cater to your every little requirement. Agents at IPS speak several languages, including English, French, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Khmer, which has always benefited ex-pats

Not only will IPS help you find a place that is suitable for you at a reasonable rent, but it will also make sure that the place has a sturdy construction. They believe in transparent trades, do not conceal any details from you, and charge hidden fees. 

IPS Cambodia is also the first choice for businesses to find ideal locations at competitive prices.

Listen From Client Themselves

“I moved to Cambodia a year ago to work in an IT company in Phnom Penh, and I’ve been living in a 1 Bedroom Condo For Rent – Golden 1, BKK3, Phnom Penh since then. Initially, It was challenging for me to find a good apartment as I didn’t know this city that well, and the ones I found were either too pricey, too far from where I work or had other problems. But then I found out about IPS Cambodia, the finest real estate property management company in Cambodia. They helped me to find this safe, luxury condo with great neighborhood and sturdy construction on rent only for $ 600/month.”

Take Away From The Blog

IPS Cambodia is the best and most trustworthy real estate company in Cambodia. Their professional agent understands the properties very well and narrows down only the high-quality properties for you because they know the value of your time and money. They provide properties at the best prices compared to other companies in the market. IPS-Cambodia is a qualified and adept confidant helping ex-pats or local natives find the perfect property in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. For more details, visit

By Manali