Knowing your audience is important because if you own a business or a web or a blog, engaging with your audience is vital for success. You can’t engage with your audience if you don’t know them.

One good idea [HS1] to engage with the audience of your business, or to attract a new audience to your business, is to create good content. That is why having a blog or a website is still a good idea.

Why should you connect with your audience?

The main reason is because it sells your product or your services to your audience. No audience, no business – it’s that simple.

Another important reason is because you need to know the desires of your audience. If you know their desires you can adapt your product or your services to them and that action can help to increase your sales.

How to get to know your audience?

An excellent tool to get to know your audience is the customer empathy map. This tool will help you to develop a customer or user profile.

To create a good customer empathy map, you must answer the following questions :

  1. What does the customer think and feel?
  2. What does the customer hear?
  3. What does the customer see?
  4. What does the customer say and do?
  5. What are the customer’s pains?
  6. What does the customer want to gain?
  7. What other thoughts and feelings might motivate the customer’s behavior?

If you create a good customer empathy map by putting yourself in the shoes of your consumers, trust me, the sales will improve in no time.

This tool was developed by XPLANE and the tool is currently used by the marketing company, Hubspot, with its clients.

Another great tool to get to know your audience is the buyer persona, a semi-fictional representation of what your potential customer is like.

To create this standard profile, you will have to answer a series of questions about the characteristics of your ideal client, their personality, motivations and needs:

●   What is his/her sociodemographic information: age, sex, origin, marital status, profession, etc?

●     How does she/he consume content: on what channels and devices, for how many hours and what use do they get out of it?

●     What are his/her interests and needs?

●     What is his/her degree of influence in the sector?

●     How can your company help him/her?

To properly use any of these tools, you need to empathize with your audience, and for that the brand of your business or services needs to be more human. These tips can help with this:

●     Use close language, putting your content in context.

●     Avoid automatic responses or bots that can give users the feeling of interacting with a machine.

●     Tell stories that appeal to users’ emotions.

●     Be understanding of your followers’ problems and always offer solutions.

●     Take advantage of real time to connect with the interests of your audience.

●     Use real user testimonials.

●     Talk about the brand’s employees and their work processes.

●     Strike up conversations with your audience.

●     Show the social work of the brand.

●     Create your own content and designs that reflect the attitude of the brand.

So, if you want to increase your sales the first thing you need to do is get to know your audience and empathize with them. And now, you have two tools that you can use for this.

By Manali