The activeness of a person is important for fit and healthy joints but still, several injuries leading to pain occur due to our lack of precaution while doing any task. Knee injury is also a significant part of it. The factors leading to knee injuries are age, lifting excessive load, lack of nutrition, accidents, etc. Some other factors that  cause knee pain and the need for a knee specialist are:

  • Bursitis:  A bursa is a type of sac under the skin and above the joint that tends to hold a small amount of fluid. It prevents friction between knee bones but in case of excessive bending and kneeling can lead to irritation on the upper face of the knee cap that further causes swelling and pain. This problem is named Bursitis or preacher’s knee.
  • IT(iliotibial) band syndrome:  The IT band is a tissue that starts from the hip and ends at the knee. When we overdo any activity, it gets inflamed which gives rise to pain. It can  be seen in runners.
  • Osteoarthritis:  It is mainly a condition of wear and tear. It comes into action after the age of 50 and can be noticed through aches and swelling in the knees. The situation can also be worse in earlier days.
  • Tendonitis:  Inflammation of tendons is due to overstressing tendon knee tissues during cycling, jumping, running, etc. It invites a severe strain in tendon tissues that is unbearable. 
  • Torn cartilage:   It is a type of sprain caused in the knee ligament muscle due to sudden twiddle of the knee. The daily routine activities like walking get difficult and painful.

 It is difficult for a person going through knee torment to decide whether to meet a doctor or not. If the victim has a problem moving from one place to another by simply walking then it becomes necessary to get a doctor’s advice. When to consider a consultation with a knee specialist :

  • The sudden arrival of other symptoms:  If the knee pain has led to sudden swelling and warmness, you should seek medical care. In some cases, the Bursa fluid sac might get affected. It may increase infection to the rate that fever, chills, and nausea can also attack us.
  • No feeling of pain while pressing the knee:  Sciatica refers to the pain that travels from the back into the lower leg, thus causing pain in the knee. If no feeling is there while pressing the knee and its surrounding region then it may not be a normal knee injury. Thus, the person must consult with a knee specialist. 
  • Persistent discomfort: After having plenty of repose, if there is no relief from soreness around the infected area of the knee, then it becomes mandatory to have an appointment with the specialist.
  • Pain that disturbs sleeping hours: Several patients suffering from knee pain have an issue with sleeping for smaller and longer time intervals. Some of them are not in the condition to switch their position as it is a more dreadful situation causing extreme unbearable pain. Under certain circumstances, medical aid becomes our priority.
  • Difficulty in holding weight: When you stand up, do you feel like deviating your weight to another side to give relief to your affected knee? If this condition comes into play, you require help from a specialist.

Several techniques have come into existence for better and more effective bone surgeries that help in rapid recovery of the  affected area.  But the question that still revolves in the mind of a patient  is “How can bone surgery help to improve movement?”.  The answer to this question is that the surgery and its recovery mainly depends on the patient’s age, type of injury , and the duration of rest after the treatment. Point of advice given by the Bone surgeon for better movement across the injured part:

  • Not to lift  heavy loads if you have pain in the knee after surgery.
  • Support yourself with the help of a walker for better balance and less stress.
  • Running and using stairs should be prevented for some time.
  • Exercises like gluteal sets, straight leg raise, and short arc quad should be practiced during the period of recovery.
  • Excessive sitting on sofas, chairs, and stools should be avoided
  • A special tube seat should be installed for bathing.
  • For the toilet, advanced elevated seats shall be installed for comfortable and better sitting.

 The above steps are a significant part of knee surgeries for achieving better and  more satisfactory results. This helps the victim to get rid of pain and return to his ordinary life. Different, more reliable medicines, practices, and procedures are created, such as pain patch Luminas.

By Manali