Jackman Harlow is a composer and a rapper from the United States. It seems like he always manages to come up with amazing lyrics that anybody can connect with. Jack Harlow has only been performing for a short time, but his original sound and refreshing words have already won him a legion of followers. Jack Harlow has quite a fan base, and he is now considered a rising star in the hip hop industry.

Before Harlow’s next big moment, we’ve compiled a list of the songs and features new fans need to get caught up on.


“What’s Poppin?” There is no need to provide an introduction for. After four years of industry preparation, Jack Harlow’s spectacular debut into the public seemed inevitable when the song was released in January 2020 alongside a video directed by Cole Bennett. On Jack Harlow’s debut album, Deja Vu, everything gets started with the song “Poppin.” Producer Sango is responsible for the song’s irresistible rhythm. The song “Whats Poppin” was considered for a Grammy in the Best Rap Performance category that year (2021).


Jack Harlow’s second studio album, Loose, has the song “Industry Baby” as the third track. Friend and fellow Kentuckian Jack Harlow contributes a fantastic feature. The song’s basic tempo is ideal for its message of wanting to get away and relax for a time. One of the song’s numerous TikTok trends was the series of claps that Harlow inserted into his catchy and victorious verse. The song first trended for its contentious music video, in which Harlow appeared.


Jack Harlow’s album, Loose features the song “Tyler Herro”. This song’s lo-fi rhythm is extremely chill and easy to groove to. This song was the first to be published from Jack Harlow’s first studio album, titled Thats What They All Say (2020). The sceptics were proven wrong by the success of “Tyler Herro,” which was named after a basketball star and a friend of Harlow’s.

The track is tailor-made for his flow, and his bars sound great over it. There was enough interest in the song for it to climb the charts and land at number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100.


This smash single from his first album features Harlow’s collaboration with rap superstar Big Sean. As one of the album’s lighter tracks, it’s a lot of fun to listen to when you’re feeling upbeat. They collaborated with Everett Romano, Jasper Harris, and Tahj Morgan to write the song’s lyrics. When it was released, the song peaked at #74 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Jack Harlow teams up with R&B star Chris Brown for this song. “Thats What They All Say” Jack Harlow’s first studio album, featured the single “Already Best Friends” (2020). Already Best Friends, strikes the ideal mix between trying something new while yet being inside one’s comfort zone, as the rapper trades in his usual relaxed flow and bodacious verses for a more melodic and rhythmic performance. Chris Brown replaced Tinashe on the song.

By Manali