With technology continuously improving the way we used to consume media previously, augmented reality has made its impact in a great way on all aspects of life. Augmented reality allows people to visualize things in their surroundings which are actually superimposed 2D images via an electronic device. Smart software is able to take in the feed from the mobile or tablet’s camera and then put a preloaded image in that feed. 

This particular application of AR is revolutionizing the fashion industry as now you can see how you will look in a dress or a shoe with a single click while sitting in your home. This application of virtual clothing is changing how we used to see the online shopping market and is practically removing all the drawbacks of online shopping. 

In this article, we will learn more about points that indicate the possibility of virtual clothing being the future of fashion as we know it. 

Signs that virtual clothing can be the future of fashion:

The ability to try on clothes with a single click from the comfort of one’s home is something that can have a real future in this industry. With the pandemic going on people are also trying to avoid going to shops and try on clothes that might have been contaminated by some other person. The virtual try-on process can be a game-changer because of the following reasons, 

  • Improved conversions – Virtual try-on allows the potential customers to get a better look and feel about how a product will feel in their hands. This can navigate them towards making the purchase if they are pleased with what they are seeing on the virtual screen. The ability to learn more about a product even while staying at home can increase transaction efficiency. 
  • Reduction in returns – One of the biggest problems faced by the online shopping market was the high number of returns due to the undesirable fitting of the dress. With virtual trial rooms, people can get an idea of how the garment will look on them and then make a purchase if they are satisfied with the look. When people are getting such effective alternatives at a single click then it can be guaranteed that this virtual clothing try-on will be there in the future. 
  • Adoption by top brands – Luxury fashion brands like Gucci have started adopting this technology in their online application even as a Snapchat filter where people can try out their products virtually from any corner of the world. Like every other sector, it has been observed that once the market leaders start adopting something new then the entire industry follows that. 


From the above points, we got to learn more about how augmented reality technology is changing the fashion industry. It will be something that will shape the future of fashion and will make our lives a lot easier by bringing physical shops to our homes virtually. Buying will be easier than ever and return rates will reduce which will be a benefit for both the customer and the seller. 

By Manali