When buying an affordable, flexible, practical & spacious used Perodua, you can choose the Perodua Aruz. It has high reliability & durability like the new Perodua Aruz. It will be a safe, sound & good investment for you with unique features, supreme style, and excellent engine performance.

And the Perodua Aruz is a seven-seating family-oriented car that has advanced technology & outstanding engine performance. It has incredible fuel proficiency & is also safe for the environment.

However, you may have hesitation about purchasing a Used Perodua Aruz that will be worth it for you or not. Don’t worry! Here, today’s writing is for you about ‘is Used Perodua Aruz worth Buying’? 

Let’s have a close look.

The Perodua Aruz: Specifications & Dimensions what we get

You will get a 1496cc petrol engine with the Perodua Aruz that produces 101bhp of power at 6000rpm and 133 Nm of torque at 4,200rpm. 

It has a 45L fuel tank capacity with a direct injection fuel supply system. The fuel consumption of the Perodua Aruz is 15.6km per liter, and the top speed is 160km/h.

With a Perodua Aruz, you will find a four-speed gearbox with an automatic transmission system. It includes 4,435mm length, 1,695 width, 1,740mm height and 2,685mm wheelbase dimensions. The curb weight is 310kg with 220mm ground clearance and has a 213L cargo volume.

Used Perodua Aruz: Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, the used Perodua Aruz is worth buying, especially for its reasonable price, flexibility & advanced safety features. It has a gorgeous appearance with a decent design & modest look.

 It has simple maintenance & easy to find spare parts. In a word, with a used Perodua Aruz, you can turn your imagination into reality.

The Perodua Aruz has two variants, X & AV variant, with distinctive features and ensures high-quality machine parts. And, you will find more color options like Amazon green, Granite gray, Electric blue, Glittering silver, and Ivory White. So, all aged people can prefer it smartly.

Here, I will present the reliable reasons behind the used Perodua Aruz worth buying or why you buy it. Let’s find out what the reasons are?


As the auto industry is rapidly changing, the price of the new Perodua Aruz is rising simultaneously. It is not possible for common people to buy a new Aruz with the consistency of rising prices. 

The cost of the used Perodua Aruz is RM60,000 UP to RM69,000, which is reasonable. So, if you are on a budget issue, you can pick the used Perodua Aruz without busting your wallet.

And, with the growing price, the lifespan of the new Aruz is not increasing. It is excellent & hopeful news for the Used Perodua Aruz buyer.

Spontaneous Driving

You will get the same driving performance as the new Perodua Aruz with the used Perodua Aruz. It gives you robust riding quality with zesty handling.

It will permit you to go 160km/h with the mixed town, highway, or expressway. Therefore, it is an ideal car for a long trip and also gives peace of mind.

Some facilities you will get with the Used Perodua Aruz, like tension-free driving, without fearing scratches that assists you in having fun driving.

And you can go without hesitation with the used Perodua Aruz instant you buy, but you can’t do it with the new Aruz without checking.

Decrease Depreciation

You will get less depreciation with the used Perodua Aruz than with the new. The depreciation of a car occurs during the first three years of purchasing. So, purchasing a used Perodua Aruz means it has already crossed over high depreciation.

Moreover, buying a used Perodua Aruz means you will pay approximately 8-10% less than the actual price of a new Aruz. It is surprisingly a good option that can save your pocket money.

Save on Tax & Registration

With the used Perodua Aruz, you will save on registration & sales tax fees which are the extra benefit of purchasing a used Perodua Aruz than a new one. It will also get you cheaper insurance that will be less costly and can save your wallet money compared to a new one.

Stylish Design

You will get a supreme stylish exterior look and spacious interior with the used Perodua Aruz like a new one. It has adjustable headlights, fog lamps, and a front & rear view mirror that gives you clear views of the street ahead, no matter the climate conditions. 

Regarding interior design, you will get more cabin space with ISOFIX child seats and leather seats. It has sufficient leg space for comfortable sitting and has digital instrumentation like a digital/ clock, odometer, trip meter, tachometer & low fuel indicator.

Total Comfort

The used Perodua Aruz offers you the supreme comfort & convenience like a new one when riding. You will get an air conditioner that controls your interior temperature and has automatic climate control & power windows front.

With the used Perodua Aruz, you will also get a computer, cup & bottle holder, keyless entry, heater, rear seat headrest, and so on.

Outstanding Safety

In a used Perodua Aruz, you will feel safe & secure because of its advanced safety features. Let’s find out what the parts are?

  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Central locking
  • Seat-belt warning
  • Child-safety locks
  • Crash sensor
  • Parking sensor
  • Hill-hold assistance
  • Emergency stop signal
  • Traction control
  • Anti-theft alarm device
  • Engine check warning
  • Front departure alert
  • Pre-collision warning


The Perodua industry has such confidence in its quality machine parts. Therefore, they will give you the best warranty offers. If you buy a certified used Perodua Aruz, you will get an extended one-year warranty with the basic warranty that gives your mental satisfaction.

Used Perodua Aruz: Buying Guide

When purchasing a used Perodua Aruz, you need to know about some buying issues that can assist you in selecting a better one. Let’s closely look at what the problems are?

  • Check engine performance & gearbox
  • Check price tag
  • Know about age & mileage
  • Check documents & service history report
  • Check the maintenance cost & reliability
  • Check the driving test

Concluding Comment

The used Perodua Aruz is a better option for a used car buyer because of its less depreciated & affordable price. It has advanced technology with better engine performance & versatile utility. It also saves your pocket money.

You will get high reliability & long life span with the used Perodua Aruz. It gives you the high speed to touch the destination within a short time and ensures your maximum security. And the used Perodua Aruz is not so expansive & easy to maintain.

So, the used Perodua Aruz is surprisingly safe, reliable & worth buying for you. But, of course, the decision is yours.

By Manali