Technology is constantly advancing and new devices are coming out every year with upgrades, better software, longer lasting batteries, etc,. You may even be thinking, do I really need all of this? How is this new one different from the one in my hand? Even if you just use your phone for its most basic functions, the new iphone is sure to have features you will love. Here is everything you need to know about the iphone 12 and if it is in fact right for you.

The Overview

From the outside, the iphone 12 does not look much different from the iphones of recent years except for the extra camera lense. It too comes in the pro size and also the pro max which is the version with the larger screen. They have upgraded the microchip to the A14 Bionic which is the fastest chip in a smartphone. Another major change is the camera. Now all models offer a three lense camera system that will take sharper, cleaner, and brighter images even in low lighting. It comes in three beautiful shades of graphite, gold, and pacific blue. You can choose between a memory of 256GB or 512GB. This phone will allow you to do more without changing everything you love about the iphone you currently love.

The Key Features

When looking at a new device, you will want to know the features. What does it do that is new and special? Why should I want this model of the phone? Well here are the iphone 12 pros key features and why you may decide you want to upgrade:

  • 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display
  • Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass
  • 5G capable
  • A14 Bionic chip, the fastest chip ever in a smartphone
  • Pro camera system with 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras; 4x optical zoom range; Night mode, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 3, Apple ProRAW,5 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording
  • LiDAR Scanner for improved AR experiences, Night mode portraits
  • 12MP TrueDepth front camera with Night mode, 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording
  • Industry-leading IP68 water resistance
  • Supports MagSafe accessories for easy attach and faster wireless charging
  • iOS 14 with redesigned widgets on the Home screen, all-new App Library, App Clips, and more

This has a lot of impressive features. The camera features alone may have you wanting to upgrade. It is really impressive the capabilities they can put in a small smartphone these days to do so many things. They have come a long way and sadly, when you do not upgrade, if you need your phone for work or take a lot of pictures, your outdated phone will be evident. You can also get a protection plan on the phone in case of accidental damage, theft, or if you happen to lose it. This service is affordable and is something that you pay monthly. When you have expensive technology it is nice to know you have a safety net if anything were to happen to your phone. Life is messy and if you have a certain job, kids, or maybe you just need the extra protection. Whatever the case may be, the peace of mind is worth it.

Getting Your New Iphone

Now you may be wondering, okay so I want the upgrade but this is going to cost a lot. Thankfully, they had you in mind, and made it very affordable. You can buy the phone right out if you have the money, or you can lease the phone through your provider. The phone retails for $900 or you can pay around $37.46 monthly until it is paid off. (Remember, this is on top of your service fee.) Depending on your carrier will determine exactly how much you pay per month. There are store locations and there are also online providers that may offer something a little different. For instance, getting your Iphone 12 Red Pocket service set up may be more affordable than locations near you. It is nice having some nontraditional options so no matter where you are you know you have more options if you are not happy with the ones near you.

Upgrade Today

Why wait? Check with your cell phone provider to see if you are eligible for an upgrade or get started with an online service. Some providers even offer a trade-in service where they will take your old phone, give you a discount, and upgrade you to the newest technology. It is definitely worth looking into, and getting started so you can enjoy all that this year’s latest technology has to offer you. Stay up to date, and love using your new iphone.

By Manali