Is it a good idea to rebuild your home through a knock down home building company?

Do you want to renovate or tear it down and begin again? This is a typical dilemma faced by many homeowners who love the setting of their property however, they don’t like the house that sits in the property.

Perhaps your home is getting small for the growing family. Maybe the layout does not maximize sunlight or the space in the neighborhood or you could require an extra bathroom in order to deal with the morning rush time.

What ever the reasons, there is a reason that is bound to change. And with Australian real estate prices set to rise even more in 2022 Staying put and starting new is an attractive option. However, is it more beneficial to make changes to your house or tear it down and build a new one through a knock down home building company like New South Homes? To determine which choice is the best choice for you, you should ask yourself the following five concerns:

1. Is a renovation able to make the results I’m hoping for?

Take a look at the reasons your home isn’t meeting your requirements. If the foundation is good and all you want is an modern kitchen or new tiles for the bathroom A renovation is likely the best option. However, if the house you desire requires significant structural changes to the dimensions of your current home then a knockdown reconstruction could be the best alternative.

One of the most significant advantages of beginning from scratch is the possibility of creating the perfect house that fits your lifestyle, from your ground-floor guest suite , to the layout of your butler’s kitchen. It can be like trying to squeeze the square peg in the round hole. In the end, you could end up compromising on some essential attributes.

2. What’s the cost of building a brand new home or renovating an existing house?

It’s commonplace for homeowners to begin with an plan to remodel but the list of improvements gets until knockdown reconstruction begins to make sense (and dollars).

The first step is the design and planning that goes along in retrofitting the space of the house. Also, there’s the building procedure: old homes usually have outdated wiring and pipes that can result in hidden expenses and numerous headaches when building.

Remember to consider the long future costs. The majority of new homes are more simple for maintenance than previous ones and more energy efficient, thus saving your cash on cooling and heating expenses. Additionally, they come with assurance of security, with the construction warranty. Each Rawson home comes with a top-quality assurance on finishes and construction which are triple-checked by three independent inspections as well as an extended guarantee of six years for structural integrity so that you can build with confidence knowing you’re getting a top-quality home that will last for a lifetime.

3. Are there planning restrictions for councils that I should be aware of?

Before you begin plans to tear down your current house, you must ensure that the construction project is compatible with the regulations for planning in the area you live in.

The state of New South Wales, there are various types of statutory listings, including local as well as national heritage objects. They are collected on the same historical database where you simply enter your address to determine if your home is included.

Certain councils also enforce strict rules on overlays and local characteristics which could affect the style of your new house. This is why your first phone call should be made to your local council’s building department and planning department to determine what you are allowed and not permitted to do.

4. What kind of home can I build on my lot?

It’s crucial to be aware of the depth, width and slope of your block at the top of your mind since this will affect the type of home you can construct.

If your property has a steep slope it may require to be filled with soil – that could add to the cost of your site – or you’ll have to pick a style which considers the slope for example, split-level designs. The slope can also limit the sun’s exposure, in relation to the size of the neighboring property and the orientation of your property. Therefore, careful planning is essential to ensure that the new plans for your home are able to allow for passive solar design.

Every block is unique If you’re contemplating a knockdown reconstruction project in an established location It’s likely that you’ll begin from scratch.

5. Do I have a vision of what I would like my construction journey to be like?

Renovating and building both are stressful, however renovating could add an additional amount of stress, especially in the event that you intend to stay on site during the construction phase.

There are horrifying reports about renovations being blown out by months or years, however any reputable builder should provide a timeframe that is guaranteed for knockdown construction to ensure there aren’t unexpected surprises. It is important to confirm the construction date during the tender stage and, once construction is underway, the builder will be able to deliver single-story homes within 33 weeks, and double-story homes starting at 43 weeks.

By Manali