packaging designs

Boxes manufactured using cardboard are considered the best resource to attract consumers and meet other business needs. They aid in branding, product safety, marketing, product presentation, and different needs. However, the custom cardboard boxes come in several designs. Knowing about them is necessary to make the right choice for your brand products. You can gain more personal and professional benefits with the proper selection according to the nature of your products and targeted audience. Here is a list of the six most innovative packaging designs for cardboard boxes that are fascinating. 

1: Custom cardboard boxes with windows

There are several types of items that people prefer to see first before making a purchase. Usually, it requires taking things out of the packaging after breaking the seals. However, it is not good in any case for the freshness of the products. Die-cut cardboard boxes are a handy solution to facilitate such types of products. A window in the packaging walls is inserted by cutting out a piece of cardboard from the top wall or other parts. This window lets buyers see the looks of products without taking them out. Buyers could get sure about all the little details like the quality of the products, color, size, and other aspects. Also, retailers could preserve the freshness of items as there would be no fingerprint marks over items while checking them. Meanwhile, it also facilitates buyers to decide about purchasing a product quickly. 

2: Customized shoulder boxes with add-ons

Cardboard shoulder boxes are a type of packaging that brands can use for expensive products. It adds luxury to the products and increases their worth. All innovative packaging firms offer these kinds of cardboard boxes for sale because of their massive demand in the retail sector. Meanwhile, eCommerce brands also use these boxes to create a strong impression on customers. These boxes have a tray placed in the base that slightly comes out. The removable lid is designed according to that tray and fits perfectly over it. This creative unboxing of these boxes creates a charming effect. Several people prefer purchasing products in these boxes to gift items to their loved ones. Some firms deliver them to stores with add-on embellishments. Moreover, customers can also use ribbons or bows to give these boxes a look of perfect gift packaging.

3: Sleeve-style custom cardboard boxes

The sleeve style boxes are the best options for aligning your brand with the social media age and making the products Instagram-worthy. These boxes come with an inspiring unboxing phenomenon that fascinates customers. They love to record an unboxing video for this open cardboard box and share it over social media to influence others. These boxes are the best option for the products people love to flaunt to create a charm for their personality. This unique packaging is mainly used for watches, clothes, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets.

Moreover, soap brands can also use these boxes to influence customers. People can interact with the products by sliding the internal tray out in the simplest manner. Moreover, these boxes are also perfect for gifting products over Christmas and other seasonal and occasional events. 

4: White custom cardboard boxes with dividers

White cardboard boxes stay at the top when packaging bakery products. However, their use is not limited to any specific category; any firm can use them to attract customers. It is easy to analyze that these boxes come in an iconic white color that can equally fascinate customers of every nature. Another feature that makes these boxes a versatile option for bakeries is the placement of cardboard dividers. A bakery can use a white cardboard box to ship the bulk of baked goods in a single box. Dividers help keep all those items separate from each other and do not allow mixing because of jerks during shipping. Moreover, these dividers also elevate the presentation and display of the eatables like cupcakes, sweets, muffins, chocolates, or cookies. 

5: Magnetic closure cardboard mailer boxes

Ecommerce businesses always need some secure packaging that could impress customers at the same time. Small cardboard boxes with a magnetic closure are an ideal option to fulfill both of these requirements at the same time. It is easy to manufacture these boxes with rigid or corrugated cardboard according to choice. Moreover, brands can customize them to increase the thickness of packaging walls for improved product protection. A magnet is inserted inside the hinged lid of these boxes and over the front wall of these boxes for a perfect closure. Products do not come out of the boxes, regardless of the harsh shipping conditions. On the other hand, it effectively inspires customers with such a luxury. Brands can improve the unboxing aspect of their goods to encourage customers. 

6: Personalized cardboard display boxes

Startup businesses need quick interaction with customers to become popular among consumers. Thus, they need a solution that could help them this way. Usually, brands use cardboard box sleeves for this purpose. But, cardboard display boxes are an ideal option to promote items in retail stores. These boxes are usually placed over the cash counters. Customers could easily notice the newly arrived products in the retail stores while paying for the case. Hence, it is the most prominent way to present items of a startup brand in retail stores. These boxes are perfect for various cosmetics, soaps, candies, and other products. Brands can easily increase the storage space in these boxes by creating multiple levels. 

All these mentioned types of custom packaging are highly in demand for retail and online businesses. These innovative designs inspire customers as they quickly become willing to buy products in these boxes. Moreover, all of these mentioned types are highly sustainable and have no impact on nature by lasting longer. 

By Manali