As more and more companies make room for digital transformation in their business models, the demand for Systems, Applications, and Products, or SAP, is also rising steadily. This puts SAP consultancy on the list of the most sought-after career options for professionals worldwide. 

SAP staffing services for jobseekers

Given the shortage of SAP-skilled candidates, most companies do not go out looking for SAP professionals across job boards and social media platforms. Instead, they outsource the hassle of hiring an SAP- skilled workforce to SAP staffing companies to make things easier. 

SAP Sstaffing services leverage their network, expertise, and industry knowledge to match businesses with suitable candidates. If you’re an SAP professional, you can easily increase your chances of being found by signing up or registering yourself with SAP staffing companies. 

Top Companies in Atlanta, GA Area Hiring for SAP Consultant Jobs

SAP Staffing companies can help you connect with well-reputed brands to help you build the career of your choice. Here’s a list of 5 established firms in Atlanta, GA looking to hire SAP professionals.   

  1. McKinsey & Company

Founded in 1926, McKinsey & Co. is the oldest and largest part of the ‘big three’ management consulting firms. Known for their highly competitive recruitment process, they hire only the   best-in-class industry talent. 

The McKinsey Technology team is currently looking for an SAP Functional Analyst to work at their Dallas, Chicago, or Atlanta office. The average salary offered by the employer is about $99,702 a year and the role requires qualifications such as 5 years of relevant work experience, specific certifications, thorough knowledge of SAP, and more.

  1. Deloitte

Headquartered in London, UK, Deloitte is one of the 4 largest accounting firms in the US, popularly known as the ‘Big four’. Operating across 700+ locations, Deloitte offers a gamut of services, from auditing and financial risk analysis to consulting tax, and legal services. 

Deloitte has consistently been known for its award-winning work culture, the exposure it offers, and the chance to connect with an industry-expert crowd. As of now, Deloitte has the post of SAP Integration Consultant vacant, and as per Glassdoor Average Base Salary Estimate, the job is expected to pay about $89,560 a year.

  1. Mastech Digital

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Mastech Digital is known for a wide variety of digital transformation services ranging from IT consulting and digital technology staffing to data management and analytics. They serve clients from diverse domains including education, financial services, government, consumer products, and a lot more. 

Their recent job posting on LinkedIn states they’re looking for an SAP FI/CO Consultant who can work closely with their IT team and implement suitable SAP solution strategies. For a candidate having a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and 6+ years of experience, they are willing to pay a salary of $100,000 – $130,000 annually.

  1. CreamIT Inc.

Specializing in IT consulting, outsourcing, and technology services, Cream IT Corporation provides Software Products Development services to its clients. 

The company is actively looking for candidates to fill  the position of SAP ABAP Consultant on a contract basis. The ideal candidate as described by them must possess diverse skills such as Unit testing, Integration testing, technical design, and a lot more. The pay is expected to range from $75 to $80 per hour (as per their job description on Glassdoor).

  1. Capgemini

Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Paris, Capgemini SE provides consulting, business process outsourcing, technology, cloud, and other such services to a wide variety of clients globally. 

Currently, they are looking for an SAP Data Consultant as part of their Career Comeback Program. This program is for those who’ve been away from work for over 2 years and are interested in resuming their career from where they left off. As per Glassdoor estimates, the average salary can vary between $61000 and $113000 a year, along with other benefits. 

  1. Apexon

Formerly known as Technosoft, Apexon is headquartered in Southfield, US. Having built a brand for itself in digital technology services and platform solutions, Apexon has been in the field for more than 25 years. 

There are multiple vacancies for SAP Consultants available at Apexon. From remote to in-office employment, their clients are offering contract-based roles for an average salary of $105 per hour, as per Glassdoor estimates. The primary skill set that they’re looking for is SAP CRM/TPM, along with 10+ years of relevant work experience. 

SAP Staffing services for employers

Having access to advanced analytics and other technologies, SAP staffing companies can predict future trends of demand, and therefore suggest and implement risk mitigation strategies well in advance. Additionally, they can make your hiring process more efficient and cost-effective, and free you of all the trouble that comes along. This, in turn, leaves you with more time to focus on core competencies and implement new strategies to further scale your business. 

By Manali