Credit cards are lifesavers in the modern day as a lot of people rely on them for daily expenses to clear the bills later. After successfully getting a credit card, you need to find valid CC shop purchase a CVV for the same as a protection measure when you are making payments to online retailers. In this guide you will learn of useful things to note when applying for a credit card and how you can keep your CVV safe.

Getting your credit card is a huge relief especially in the tough times when planning is not an option but a necessity. You can apply for a credit card from a number of credit card companies however how do you know the one that is best suited to serve you? Knowing the in and out is the secret to getting the best credit card suited for you. Check out some of the useful tips to keep in mind while applying for your first credit card today. 

  • Security deposits simplify the process 

It is not easy to secure your first credit card when you have no credit. Expert’sadvice checking the secured credit card option out as it allows you to put a cash deposit of their demand on the card to have a high credit line. When you start making late payments, chances are that you lose your security deposit partially and that can be very heartbreaking. The security deposit option is however ideal if you have no credit or damaged credit and cannot find favor with regular credit card issuing companies.

  • They can build or break your credit

Your credit utilization ratio is a major determinant of your credit reputation. The lower you keep this ratio the better your credit score will be. Timely payment of bills and debts can also help improve your credit score rating. Late payments attract late fees which vary form company to company. You could also face penalty APR where you interest is increased to about 30%. These are all shortcomings that could hurt your credit and affect your credit reputation too.

  • Card charges can be avoided 

Regardless of whether you are new to credit, you can avoid card charges by being well informed. Paying on time saves you from late fee charges; foreign transaction fees are irrelevant for transactions outside the country and by avoiding balance transfers and cash advances, extra charges can be avoided. For those that want to avoid paying credit card interest on amount used, proceed to clear your bill monthly and in full. 

You must have heard the stories of online consumers whose credit cards have suffered at the hands of hackers and other types of cyber criminals. You can however successfully avoid the different traps set for credit card frauds for instance avoid phishing links, submitting sensitive information anywhere and shopping from suspicious sites. By keeping your credit card and CVV details a secret, you improve your chance of enjoying safe 

CVV is a 3-digit number issued to credit cards as a security measure. It is normally found on the back of debit and credit Visa cards. CVV is instrumental in for online payments for instance when shopping or paying for services. It helps confirm to the online retailer that the card holder is indeed authorizing the transaction hence reduce cases of fraud and identity theft.  CVV is found in a smart credit chip or inside the magnetic strip that is found the back of the card. All CVV are unique in nature and exist in two types, the static and dynamic CVV. Static CVV has three unique digits on the back of the card however dynamic generates new codes for every transaction that you make. 

Is it possible to bypass credit and debit CVVs for online transactions?

Online consumers can now transact with peace and confidence that their transaction details are secure thanks to the use of CVV by credit and debit cards. The only way you can get a CVV for your credit card is by finding the right v shops online to shop from. There are a number of factors to consider in the type of seller that you choose including discretion of the details you provide them with. 

Bypassing the credit card is not easy when the credit card holder is discreet with their information for instance the account number and CVV. Remember these CVV codes cannot be generated using a software or device and the only way one will be vulnerable to hackers is through telling or keying in their private details on unsecure websites and clinking on spam links. Once hackers access your information through phishing or key loggers, they may choose to either manipulate your card or sell the details to interested buyers on the dark websites. 

000 is a valid CVV or not

All CVV numbers or codes are three or four depending on the type of credit card that you are using. On MasterCard and Discover Visa credit cards, the CVV code will be found on the back and its coding is found in the black strip. On American Express Cards, the CVV codes are found at the bottom part of your signature at the back of the card. It is possible that there are CVVs that start with 000 however most credit card issuing companies advice against such codes for the obvious reasons, they are simple to guess. 

Can I pay with credit cards that do not have CVV?

Credit cards that lack CVV can never be accepted for use by online retailors when paying. The use of CVV on credit cards was a security measure to safeguard credit card owners against cyber theft and fraud. If your card lacks CVV codes, the online retailor may be inclined to refuse it however that does not mean you cannot use it in actual stores. Most people only get CVV for their credit cards for protection online when shopping and making transactions. 

By Manali