iBOMMA is Telugu movies focused website. It lets users download full-length movies at HD Quality.

If you’re looking for a site to download Tamil movie downloads and you’ve come to the right spot. The BOMMA website is the best choice since they have a vast selection of these films, as well as HD Quality. The website was created by well-known personalities from Hyderabad. Their main sites comprise iBOMMA as well as BOMMA. It is not necessary to be concerned about the quality of the information on their website because they are experts in their field.

iBomma Telugu Movies

The demand for iBomma is skyrocketing day by day, which is the reason they’ve started iBomma. The main websites are receiving thousands of visitors each month. The amazing support provided by their team of experts helps this brand new website in gaining a lot of attention. The most appealing feature of the iBomma website is that there aren’t many steps to stream movies from Telugu at HD Quality. The process of streaming movies online is easy and minimal. We have already informed you, iBomma is a Telugu movies site that is geared towards Telugu movies.

You can find here downloads of Tamil, English, Malayalam, Kannada, and Punjabi Movies that are dubbed in Telugu. The majority of users come only from Telugu-speaking states including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Yanam district in Puducherry. If you’ve been spending time at iBomma then surely you will ignore other Telugu websites like 9xflix 7Movierulz, 4Movierulz, Prmovies, and Jio Rockers.

Our team and we don’t support pirates at all. We should all work together to combat Telugu film pirates to help struggling artists in the industry.

The harm caused to the film industry as a result of pirated content is irreparable. It’s not feasible for everyone to shell out large sums for entertainment, but everyone can be sure to spend a tiny amount.

iBomma is the one and only website that provides a huge collection of films that are dubbed in the Telugu language. It takes a lot of technology and infrastructure to create an infrastructure that can duplicate films in the regional languages. iBomma has done it perfectly.




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iBomma – Overview

Recently, they’ve released an update that changed things dramatically to assist users from all over the world. With the update, the film collections are now available for download in a smaller size. For instance, if you had planned to download a Telugu film that was 900 MB in size at iBomma, the same movie is now available for download with a size of just 500 MB. According to reports, they’re making use of the super high compression technology used in their movies to cut down on the size of files without compromising the quality of the videos.

We’re certain that you’ve never heard of this technology before. To stream new films visit the home page and scroll down to the right.

The most up-to-date list of released films will be on your mobile. In the next few months, don’t be surprised when you find 4K HD content on this website. Yes, you read it right. Users now have the ability to enjoy films of the best possible quality. We have often noticed that they’ve uploaded recently released movies in just a couple of days.

Their team’s talent and experience are what make them stand out. They gained a huge name in the downloads only after they posted C/O Kancharapalem (2018) in iBomma. This post became viral and everyone from around the globe was informed about this fantastic website. If you can, always opt for subscription-based services. Their services are top-quality and provide a similar experience. Some of the most famous OTT Players include SonyLIV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Download Movies for Download on i Bomma

We will show you how to download Telugu films on iBomma. If you know this that, then bypass this part. Here you can watch films in different languages that are translated into the language of Telugu. Follow the steps that are below and the film will be downloaded to your device in a matter of minutes. We understand that admins of the website constantly change things regularly, that’s why we refresh this section on a regular basis.

First Part

  • The first step is to visit the iBomma website
  • Utilize Google’s power to obtain the official link
  • When you reach the homepage, you must choose your country.
  • Your country’s site will be displayed on your browsers.
  • On the homepage, you can view the entire telugu blockbuster movie catalogue
  • If your film isn’t included on the homepage, then you can use the search tool
  • The search tool is at the right at the top of the homepage

Second Part

  • On the movie page, a lot of details will be available there.
  • You will learn about the release date as well as the genre, cast director and so on.
  • All you have do is click Mobile Download Button
  • To gain a better understanding, browse through the pictures attached
  • Popup ads will appear in the new tab
  • Close the tab and then move on
  • After 5 seconds, you should wait the timer will start
  • After that, click Start Download
  • The Movie download will begin in a matter of seconds

The guide above is only for movie downloads and does no connection with streaming online. Anyone who wants to know how to stream online movies should read our guide. If you can, do not stop the download between each one and then resume it, since it could break the files in some instances. To download video content, always make use of Internet Download Manager software for PCs or Advanced Download Manager (ADM) for Android phones.

Watch Movies Online on iBomma

The days are gone of downloading hundreds of GB’s of films on the Hard Disk. The Internet has now become accessible and connectivity has reached a new level.

Today, many people enjoy watching films online, without wasting their precious time downloading. However, only a handful of sites offer a stream of Tamil movies. Presently streaming Hindi and English films online is popular however, we believe that it will change soon and Telugu films will take the lead. Follow the steps listed below to stream your favorite movies on the internet through Bomma.

  • Go first to i Bomma website
  • Do a search through search engines to find their hyperlink
  • It will then ask you to choose your country from the drop-down list.
  • Choose india when you’re from india
  • Now, the Bomma Indian version will show up in your browser.
  • Search for your favorite movies by using the search engine
  • If you aren’t sure where the your search tool is, visit the downloading guide
  • When you arrive on the page for the film make sure to scroll down a to
  • Below you will find the embedded video player on page
  • Click on the Play button to play telugu movies.
  • You must wait 15 seconds. The film will begin playing within a few seconds.

Within 15 seconds press the Skip button in the video player. Only then will the movie begin to play. Check to make sure that you’re not using an Adblocker or something like that.

In the video player, click the settings button to select the quality of your video. Additionally, you can switch servers by using the same button according to your preferences. This is a fantastic option in the event that one server suddenly stops functioning due to some reason. If you’re a fan of large screens, then you should use the Full-Screen button. It functions similar to YouTube buttons.

Download i Bomma App

We all understand the importance of mobile apps in the present. If you take a look at any of the companies that have been successful, you’ll see that they all require their users to sign up for mobile apps.

This is to provide an experience that is pleasant for their clients. The majority of the time, mobile apps are faster than official sites. There are many people who are able to afford expensive gadgets like laptops or iPads. We have noticed that the majority of people are already using smartphones nowadays.

If you want to be a leader in the movies download, that you have a robust and user-friendly mobile application. According to the latest data released by a well-known news site over the next five years, mobile devices will be the dominant device the laptop and desktop users and that’s completely understandable.

It is recommended that you download the Bomma app if you download films often. The developers have paid special care to users, not sending regular push notifications since they cause them to be annoyed. Push notifications will be sent through i Bomma only if there is something extremely important. There are small ads and other bloatware within their application.

At present, it’s only available to Android users. As per reports, in the coming weeks, they’ll release it for Apple users too. It’s been a long time since you’ve had to wait so, wait a little longer before you download the iOS app on your phone. We will publish our guide specifically for iOS users when it goes live. For now, please rest for a couple of days and then use our mobile-friendly site.

You can select the premium services if you wish to be a part of the team and their work. Premium service gives you an ad-free experience for movies at a minimal cost. Let’s now learn how a beginner can download their app to stream or download films in Telugu.

Download the iBomma App on the website

This guide is intended for people who wish to download the iBomma App directly from the official website. If you’re not able to access their official site this guide is not suitable for you. For those who have difficulty, go to our next guide. Just follow the steps listed below.

  • To download the iBomma App, you must first visit their official website.
  • You can locate the official website through search engines and social media sites
  • Choose the country the country you’re connecting to it from.
  • Users will be directed to their home page
  • On the website, hundreds of Tamil films will be available.
  • Do not bother with the other stuffs and scroll down a little bit
  • Then at the bottom, you’ll see Download Bomma Link. Bomma Link
  • Click on the link to open the Mobile App page
  • The Mobile app’s page is now live. the app’s details are displayed.
  • Take a look and explore all the features available on their mobile application
  • Do scroll down a little to view pictures
  • All you need to do is click Download Bomma Link
  • Then, wait for 5 seconds before starting the downloading of the app.
  • In just a few seconds, download will begin
  • Install the application and begin using it on your mobile phone

Download the i Bomma App from the Play Store

  • Open your Android phone and go to Google Play Store
  • You can now search for the i Bomma App
  • You’ll see a lot of results appear on your screen
  • Don’t click on one of them at random
  • Then, click on the app, which was developed by Telugu Movies Team
  • Telugu Movies App
  • Click Install to install the software.
  • Take a few seconds to allow it to be installed on your mobile phone.
  • It could take a bit longer, depending on the speed of your internet.
  • After installation is finished then go to the the app drawer and open i Bomma App

That’s it. Here’s how you can download the iBomma App on your smartphone. Make sure you check for updates from at regular intervals. It’s crucial for you to upgrade the application in order to improve protection and security. You will definitely feel an improvement after transferring to the app due to the light-off feature.

Additionally, the quality of the film can be changed automatically based on the speed of the internet. This is a great benefit of streaming online content without buffering. Do not use VPN or proxy sites as it can block the Bomma domain from your browser. Users are able to create a profile, which can be very beneficial for parents with children. You can create a different profile just for kids so that only content for those over 18 will be displayed on the application.

Request Telugu Movie Downloads

Although many movies are listed on the iBomma homepage, still there are many issues when downloading their favorite Telugu movies. In these cases, they can make use of the search engine.

The search tool is located on the upper and lower levels of the site. If you’re experiencing a not-found error in using the search tool, then try the Request Movies feature.

This feature was introduced recently to allow users to request new uploads in Telugu on the site for movies. To request a new movie visit the official website. Then scroll to the top. Take a look at the menu bar, which is filled with hyperlinks. Just click on the Request link.

Then wait for at least 48 hours to ensure that i Bomma team can fulfill your request. Do not submit a request again because it will consume a lot of time on the administrators. Repeating requests does not help make the process faster. If, after 48 hours if your film you’re looking for isn’t available Send a message to the admin or call them via Telegram.

iBomma Bug Report

iBomma is a huge website that is managed by a highly skilled team. It’s nearly impossible to search for every issue. There are times when the issue arises due to technical issues, but often it’s because of reasons that are not known.

If you’re a lover of the iBomma website and want to stream Telugu-language films for the rest of your life, please consider helping them. No…No… No… We don’t ask to give any money or make any other contribution to cash. All you need to do is to report the problems and errors that you encounter while downloading or watching content. It is crucial that you are able to report issues when you need to. Bug Report feature has significantly improved the speed and quality of this movie website in Tamil. All of the major movie studios have increased their popularity in the first few days due to their hard work on issues and user feedback. Similar to iBomma now. Everyone can assist them and create a better environment to be in. To report bugs and errors to the authorities, follow these steps:

  • The first step is to visit i Bomma Homepage
  • Scroll until you reach the top
  • You will find a lot of links in the menu bar
  • Just click Bug Report Link
  • Then, the Bug Report Form will appear
  • You will need to input some basic information
  • Enter your full name as well as your email address. in the message, enter your concerns in greater detail
  • So that the admin team know the exact nature of the issue
  • After filling in all the details After that, click the Send Email button.

Telugu Movies Download, Dubbed on i BOMMA

Beware of websites that offer pirated movies. It seems appealing at first glance to download Tamil movies at no cost. Most of the time, these sites are able to infect your device using malware and viruses. This is the business model they use and the most important thing is that governments do not permit such operations.

Therefore, our recommendation is to keep your fingers crossed and be happy. But, you’re not doing anything when you download a copy of a movie that is free online. You also have the option of choosing subscription-based services like Hulu as well as Disney+ Hotstar. It is easy to download Bollywood, Hollywood, and other regional films in Telugu via i Bomma website.

All you have to do is pay an amount of Rs. 899 for a year of Disney+ Hotstar. With this plan, you will be able to enjoy all of the content available, that includes Movies, Live TV, Sports. It also supports two devices’ login at the same time. Many Tamil movies are available to download and stream via this platform. Additionally, they offer bonus content every week to keep subscribers active. With the Premium plan, customers will receive a better selection and higher quality of dubbed films and TV shows.

If you’d like to experience an ad-free, no-fuss experience, you can choose the Premium plan. You have to pay Rs. 1499 for a period of 12 months. In a single moment, four people can access the account. A few videos and other content is available in Full HD Quality however, they are large in dimension.

If you have internet with limited bandwidth, then select a low-quality movie and download the movie as soon as you can. The file will download quickly due to its small size however one has to be careful not to compromise on quality. The best part about iBomma is that they publish movies quickly, whereas other sites take several months for uploading HD Content. They plan to launch four to five sites across the globe. You can browse any kind of film and not be restricted to the Telugu cinema.

The goal is to create iBomma an established name in the movie downloading industry. This will require a great deal of investment as well as the hiring of new staff members to the company. Let’s see how it goes for these individuals and wish them all the best for their future ventures.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)”i Bomma” Telugu Movies

Do we have the ability to Download 4K Movies from iBomma?

Yes, you can download Full-HD movies, however, 4K support was added to a select few films. They’re making an update available on their website that will increase the quality of the movies, so be patient for a couple of weeks before you can let it be completed.

Can I download Tamil mp3s?

The option is not currently available. As per information, even in future, you will not see anything similar to this. It’s a site for movies in which downloading or listening to MP3 songs is not feasible.

How do I download the Bomma application on mobile phones?

It’s easy to download the bomma application for Android phones. At present, it’s not accessible for iPhone users. There are two options to download the mobile app. One method is downloading the app directly from the official website and the another is to install the application via Google Play Store.

Does it allow you to stream films directly on this website?

Yes. You can visit the How to watch Telugu Movies guide to know more in-depth. It’s a great resource for those who don’t want to spend time downloading videos. This section is located at the end of the post. You can stream films in different formats based on the speed of their internet. All movie formats are accessible, starting at 1080p to 240p on Bomma.

How can I download tv shows and web-based shows on iBomma?

At present, no television show or web series has been stored on their servers this is the reason you cannot download it. Their primary goal is on improving the quality of film content and upload the latest movies in the language of Telugu. For web-based and TV shows, series, you should use a different site since iBomma is not developed specifically for it. If you search on Google, you’ll find a myriad of sites that let you perform this. If you’re not sure you can leave a comment below, and we’ll write a separate article specifically for tv shows and web-based series.

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