Since the pandemic, we have seen many changes in the world of work. The cards were redistributed and the relationships changed. It has become important for employees to train and for HR managers to manage their teams well. This is where the web editor specializing in human resources can make a difference. He will bring his expertise to training organizations and management consultants. Similarly, leaders wishing to surround themselves with an effective team must be able to recruit staff motivated and competent. This editorial professional will then intervene to highlight the content and advertisements present on the company’s site, so as to attract the best profiles. He can also work with creators of HRIS software that are increasingly used today. In fact, it is able to attract all types of customers and Internet users potentially interested in this area. Find out in more detail in this article why to hire an HR web editor.

Understand the job of HR web editor

His favorite areas

This digital content professional is first and foremost a human resources specialist. He may have acquired his skills during his studies or previous jobs. Indeed, becoming a web content specialist is often the result of retraining. In this case, the latter has chosen to put his HR expertise at the service of his new job. The specialized Wikipedia editors know at their fingertips everything that constitutes personnel administration:

  • Payroll: knowledge of the collective agreement, establishment of pay slips, payment of social and employer contributions, generation of the DSN, monitoring of Daily Social Security Allowances (IJSS) and paid leave;
  • Training: construction of the skills development plan, relations with skills operators (OPCO), organization and establishment of training budgets, career management with professional interviews;
  • The recruitment process: preparation of employment contracts, optimization of job descriptions, recruitment procedure, interviews with candidates, welcoming of new employees;
  • Social dialogue: enabling better cohesion between employer and employees, developing the employee’s sense of belonging, relations with unions and the Social and Economic Committee (CSE);
  • Risk management: employee awareness of risks, contributions to CSR (corporate social responsibility), update of the DUERP (single document for the evaluation of professional risks), and creation of actions in the context of quality of life at work.

Not to mention mastering HRIS (Human Resources Information System) software – which automates a number of HR tasks. He also has knowledge of labor law and social law.

Its dual competence

Thanks to his training in web writing and his experience in human resources, this digital writing professional is able to perfectly carry out the missions entrusted to him. Its complementary expertise allows it to establish itself as a reference in its chosen field. His knowledge of optimization and creation of quality editorial content sublimates and gives strength to his specialized writings. It is therefore quite capable of offering quality content, which brings high added value to the reader.

He writes on a subject that generally fascinates him and of which he knows the workings. Its strength therefore lies in this dual skill, web writing and personnel management. It therefore provides its clients with real expertise in these areas, thus enabling them to offer their Internet users relevant background texts. The digital content creator is therefore essential to stand out from the competition.

Current events show us that the world of work is changing. The place of the employee is increasingly becoming a strategic choice in the development of companies. The expectations of employees are increasingly taken into account and it is up to establishments to respond to this demand in order to sustain their activity. The training of managers therefore becomes essential to offer a professional and caring environment to employees. The editor is then able to support schools in improving their offerings.

He plays a major role in this new mechanic. His technicality is important, he knows how to combine his writing and optimization skills with his specialized skills. This asset allows him to produce qualitative product sheets for payroll or training management software. He knows how to seduce potential clients who are looking for expertise with his texts. It thus helps customers requesting digital solutions to find the “right” product.

Choose a web editor specializing in human resources

One step ahead of its competitors

This wordsmith knows how to speak the same language as the readers. He knows the technical jargon and the challenges of this field. The professional determines which subjects interest them and adapts to the site’s audience. It delivers clear, sharp, useful messages. It even anticipates legislative advances thanks to its monitoring and thus gives its client a head start. Mastering one subject is not easy, so mastering two is a real asset for those who become aware of it. This writing professional deals with a variety of subjects. He brings real expertise to his client, allowing him to position himself as an expert in his field. It provides him with a serious guarantee of notoriety. The contents are not hollow, they are synonymous with precise and up-to-date advice.

Internet users find valuable information in blog articles that allow them to create a Wikipedia page with the company. He trusts her and relies on her expertise to assert her rights and find solutions. This SEO specialist, a real “Swiss army knife”, helps recruiters attract the right profiles. It allows the employer to attract relevant and motivated profiles. Their communication is thus adapted and more effective. It is aimed at employers, employees, training organizations or companies creating HR software.

His versatility in this area makes him a real resource to rely on to create a growth dynamic. You might be tempted to do it yourself since you are a professional in this topic, you may have even considered training yourself, but know that delegating is the best solution:

  • In terms of duration: the company is dedicated to production, sales or creativity. The editor, meanwhile, masters the technical part in addition, which can waste a lot of time. The company can then remain focused on its core business.
  • In financial terms: his remuneration will be assessed according to the workload. The initial investment remains minimal compared to the evolution of your turnover and the visibility provided.

Creation of optimized content with high added value

The editor knows how to create real copywritten ads to attract the “good” profiles. Prepare sales pages for training, or product pages for software. He can also write for the sites of companies specializing in personnel administration, on their “about” page or their fixed pages. The web editor can especially bring his skills to the writing of blog articles, for example:

  • Why train managers? 5 benefits;
  • Digital: 4 professions that are recruiting;
  • Why use an HRIS? 3 reasons;
  • The conventional break: explanations in 5 points.

He is also able to:

  • Write the product sheet for software that allows you to manage, for example, interviews or payroll;
  • Write for a training organization, where he can offer product sheets for each, but also articles on the support and financing of the latter.

These are just a few examples of the fields of intervention of this human resources specialist, there are still a multitude of them. All content written by him will be worked, optimized so that they are recognized by search engine robots. Its texts, in addition to being relevant and clear, will be highlighted by Google thanks to their intrinsic qualities. He is also able to rewrite already existing texts whose theme is relevant to make them more visible on the web.

To conclude, the advantage of calling on a professional is well established. The cost generated by the purchase of its service is largely offset by the visibility of your site. Readers are not mistaken, as well as algorithms: quality is a guarantee of success. The notoriety of a site depends on a neat ecosystem and a supply of relevant content. The HR web editor is there to help you move into the “recognized expert” category of your activity.

By Manali