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Heating or cooling bills take up a significant portion of an individual’s income all around the globe. They are regarded as one of the biggest expenses of running a house and are often a source of tension for the people as it makes them spend beyond their budget. While we can not eliminate the use of air conditioners and heaters, here are some methods you can adopt to decrease your heating or cooling bills. Do you want to know about Taj Residencia 8 marla payment plan?

Make adjustments to your thermosets.

According to research done by the United States Department of Energy, people can reduce their heating and cooling bills by 10% by simply changing their thermometer when they go out of their house or are sleeping. Therefore in the winters, you should turn down your thermosets and sleep with a hot bottle of water, whereas during the summers, you should turn your air conditioner off every time you leave the house. Moreover, if you purchase a programmable or smart thermostat, then it can make these changes on it on and you won’t have to change it every time.

Open your windows

Windows are not just there for show; they will make your house comfortable however proper curtains are essential. According to an energy company, having the quality of the right curtain allows you to reduce the heat transmissions by around 10% during the summers. Whereas in the winters, you should open the windows on the south side of your house so that you can bring heat into your home. It is also important that your windows are not blocked by any trees or shrubs that will block the sun’s rays from coming into your house. It is advised to keep your curtains draped during the summer days to prevent the heat from coming into your home. Closing drapes allows the heat entering the house from outside to be reduced by 45%, whereas having blinds helps block 35% of the heat.

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Install ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans is one of the best ways to decrease heating and cooling bills. The trick is to make sure that your fans are moving in an anti-clockwise direction to bring down the cool air from the top. According to statistics, using a ceiling fan reduces heat in your house and makes your home 6 degrees cooler. As stated by the Lightening and Décor magazine, this allows you to turn up your thermostat by 6 degrees, reducing the total bill by 1%. Ceiling fans come in handy during the winter season as well. During the winter season, if you change the fan’s rotation to clockwise and turn down the level of the fan, then it will bring down the warm air that has initially risen. This trick has an even larger impact as the US news says that it can bring your heating bill down by 15%.

Find any leaks that your house may have and seal them.

On average, 38% of your home’s heat is lost through unidentified doors, windows, and even ductwork leaks. Getting rid of these leaks prevents you from losing cool or warm air. You can do this by either sealing the duck work or by caulking the windows. It may also require you to reduce or increase the threshold of your doors or replace the weather stripping placed around them.

Take care of your HVAC system.

The HVAC system takes in air, cools or heats it, and then releases it into your house. It is extremely important to take care of your HVAC system. Energy star says that ensuring maintenance and getting tune-ups on the system enables it to work more efficiently and is thus able to provide you with more comfort. Having an efficient HVAC system requires less energy and hence proves to be less costly. Buy plots in Silver City.


Above, we have mentioned among the most effective methods of reducing the heating and cooling bills. You can also switch to more sustainable practices such as installing solar panels.

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