Blogs now have various functions. Not only as a place to write daily stories or personal thoughts but blogs can also be used for personal branding and business marketing purposes. But to achieve satisfactory results, of course, you must be able to write good blog content. So, how do you write a good and interesting blog so that it can be profitable? Check out the following tips and tricks from!

Determine the Focus of the Blog

Before starting to write a blog, you must first determine the focus of the blog first. The focus of a blog can vary: book reviews, movie reviews, gadget reviews, posting your own poetry, drama series reviews, travel stories, or social issues. Blogs with a specific focus will be easier to manage. If you want a blog to be a place to write daily activities, that’s okay too, but usually, this type of blog is more difficult to develop. For the purposes of this article, let’s use a book blog as an example.

Make a Plan

The next step after determining the focus of the blog is to make a plan. What kind of posts will be posted? How many times do you post in a week? For example, your book blog will post 3 times a week. Monday to post local book reviews, Wednesday to post reviews of translated books/books published abroad, and Saturday to post things related to books outside of reviews.

Pay Attention to Writing

The way to write a good and interesting blog is to not just write. When you start, just let out the ideas you want to pour freely. After that, take a moment and then start editing the text. Even if the blog is not a school or work assignment, writing according to language rules or EYD will make it easier to read. 

Pay Attention to Content Format

The blog content format should also not be ignored. Like other types of writing, a good and interesting blog usually consists of three parts: opening, body, and closing. But remember, the level of concentration and attention span of online readers is not as long as readers of books, newspapers, or other print media. Attract readers’ attention by presenting an opening that can make them want to read further, for example with quotes, questions, data or facts, and evocative titles.

Create Engaging Content

What is engaging content? Engaging content is content that offers something new, a new perspective or view, knowledge, something useful, inspiring, or entertaining. And, the criteria for engaging content are the 6 information described above. Make your content at least have 5 of the 6 things above. If it’s like that, you can be sure readers will enjoy reading the content you write on your blog. Make the content you present as interesting and informative as the delivery above, and also not reduce the quality element.

Blogwalking routine

To be able to consistently write a good blog, you must be diligent in blogging or visiting other blogs. This is done to be able to dig for inspiration and add insight on topics that are currently popular among similar blogs. For example, ahead of Valentine’s Day, you realize that book bloggers are starting to get busy discussing books in the romance genre. Imitate the inspiration by making a similar post, but add your own ideas: Review romance books set in the 1990s, or make a list of romance books with sad endings! It’s not enough to visit, be active in giving feedback in the form of comments on other blogger posts. This will provoke them to do the same with your blog.

Join Other Blog ‘Events’

Usually, in certain blog communities, there are regular posts, such as Top Ten Tuesday or Wishlist Wednesday. Well, there’s nothing wrong with participating in ‘events’ like this, because you can put a link to your post on the blog host, which will later be seen by dozens or even hundreds of other blogs. This method is also an easy way to attract more visitors to your blog.

If you are currently still confused about what to write or are hampered, it could be because you are experiencing writer’s block, you know. If you’re still muttering, “I’ve written from my heart, but I often don’t get any ideas,” don’t worry, you can find ways to find inspiration for your blog content. Now, you can start applying some of the tips above from today! We hope, the information above can provide new views for friends who like to write or friends who really make a living in the blog world.

The advantage of being a blogger is that bloggers learn how to be “someone that other people need”, so they care more about their audience. Hopefully, this article opens your insight and breaks your doubts about being a blogger. Let’s be a blogger today too!

By Manali