Moving fragile objects is the hardest aspect of moving. Knowing how to pack glass properly requires patience and skill. If you don’t take the time to carefully wrap all of your items and stack the glasses correctly. You may end up with a lot of broken glass all over the place.

Even if the packing has to handle by Expert Removalists Melbourne based, you should pay double attention to glasswares. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most effective methods to pack glassware and dishes to ensure that you transport them safely and without causing damage.

Get proper supplies for packing glasses for moving

The packing of glassware during the move is difficult without suitable packing materials. The primary idea is to ensure that your kitchen glassware. Including crystal and stemmed glassware, is properly cushioned with bubble wrap and packing papers.

Before packing glasses, here’s a list of essential packing materials you’ll require to ensure you don’t need to delay the packing process.

  • Boxes for packing glasses- You must pack glasses for kitchen use in cardboard boxes with strong and thicker walls. The heavier cardboard offers an extra layer of protection for glassware pieces. The good thing is that standard cardboard boxes will work well if you are prepared before filling them.
  • Paper for packing glasses- Packing glasses for a move is a difficult task that needs the correct approach to succeed. You must ensure that you buy sufficient pieces of smooth packing paper as the first layer of protection for your broken glassware. Newspapers are not recommended to pack glasses because it is known to leave unpleasant ink marks. However, it is still possible to utilize newspapers to fill any space in the box after they’ve been packed.
  • Bubble wrap- Bubble wrap typically serves as a secondary shield for glassware, and we advise purchasing some rolls. Don’t worry if you buy bubble wrap in large quantities. As this plastic material is useful for the entire home packing process.
  • Packaging tape– Take a few rolls of quality packing tape capable of securing the boxes. It prevents the glassware from falling out during the moving process and covers the cardboard boxes once filled with safe glassware.
  • Markers- Make a single black marker or set of coloured marker pens to label the dish bags after you’ve placed them in their containers.

Sort your glasses before packing

Before we go through the steps for what to put in your glasses for moving. There’s a step that you should do regardless of whether you have less time to do it. That is to separate the glassware pieces before packing them. Certain glasses are more valuable than others.

If you pack things that haven’t been sorted, you must take more time than usual to prepare other things. Simply put, it’s an unwise choice to not look through your collection of glasses and scrutinize each piece before packing glasses into a box.

Let things go easier for yourself! Take a look through your glasswares, each one by one and put aside those that aren’t worth the time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Prepare the Box- Make sure you have your boxes prepared to fill them up with glassware. The top of your box uses newspaper or other material. Apply the layer to provide you with the glasses protection they require. This will ensure that your glasses have protected from any damage.
  • Add a layer of crumpled Paper or Stacked towels- Include an extra layer of crumpled towels or paper on the box’s bottom. These can provide the cushioned layer for your glassware, ensuring they’re safe when moving.
  • Wrap two glasses at a time- If you own identical glasses of the same size, you can save money by wrapping two glasses on one sheet. This can be helpful if they’re identical in size. However, once you wrap one glass on half of the paper. You can use the remaining half to make a second wrap. Make sure to insert the leftover paper into the openings in the glass. Hire professional Removalists Melbourne Eastern Suburbs based to assist you in the process.
  • Assemble the glasses in the box- Once your glasses have wrapped securely, you can begin putting them in the box. It is important to put your glasses in as tight as possible, as this will ensure that the items don’t move. Be aware that you must wrap glasses tightly so that you won’t be in a position to feel any edges in the paper.
  • Fill in the gaps: If you’ve stuffed all your glasses in the box. it’s time to fill the gaps left around them. This will prevent the glasses from coming into contact with one another during movement and helps to shield them from damage. You can use bubble wrap, newspaper or paper or even fill the gaps with a tight seal.
  • Close the Box- Before sealing the box, give the box the slightest movement from the side. This will enable you to determine the glass’s movement or rubbing against one another. If all sounds and feels good, you can shut the box and seal it using packing tape.
  • Label The Box- Once the box has sealed securely, ensure that you label the boxes with Fragile glass. That will assure that the boxes have treated with attention.

Additional General Tips To Keep Your Things Safe

  • Ask a wine shop or a specialty liquor store to provide you with a divided box. That will offer additional safeguards for glassware.
  • If you have packing glasses in a box and other fragile items, be sure that glasses are placed in the last place, over the other things.
  • Don’t overload the box, but ensure there’s no space that glasses could move around. Fill up the extra space with paper and bubble wrap.


Moving glassware can be one of the most difficult tasks as you plan your move. The glassware is fragile and brittle. Anything can break up when handled with carelessness. It is essential to use high-quality packaging materials, pack properly, and lastly, mark it with the appropriate instructions on handling the boxes. Take help from professional Removalists Frankston based,as they ensure your move is completely hassle-free.

By Manali