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Dubai considered as Business Hub, has been formulating favorable policies for the potential investors, making it unchallenging for the professionals with strategic approach and long-term business-oriented goals. There is no way to stay calm, without being astonished, and excited to start your own business setup as soon as possible.

Let us explore why it is best to start your own business setup in Dubai at this moment. Here I am going to discuss everything you have ever wanted to know about business setup in Dubai. Following could be the steps for excelling your ventures.

This is a step-by-step cycle that works in a way to get maximum results. You can consult any business setup agency in Dubai for your needs of new setup in UAE.

  • Plan your business structure
  • Choose the location you want to work in
  • Know about your company legal structure. If you going to own this company or planning to start as an LLC formation Dubai, GCC or local sponsor based.
  • Select the name you dream for your business. Keep that in mind the name must be unique and not representing any inappropriate meaning. The best name is what define your business properly.
  • Get your documents ready for the approvals.
  • If you need a physical office space the select the location for rent and register it by Ejari.
  • Apply for license you need to get as per your business nature and involved activities. It could be any of these Trade license in Dubai. Professional, industrial, commercial and tourism.
  • Pay the fees and charges required. And enjoy your new beginnings.

Additional Tips for better understanding are as follows:

Designing an economic model:

For securing a business in Dubai, one needs to choose what is his capabilities are. What could be done best by him, as per the market demand. Whatever could elevate your business could be the right business model for your company such as Trading, IT, B2C products manufacturing, Construction, run a café or a restaurant etc.

Get your company registered:

Depending on the business model one chooses, the Company is supposed to be registered accordingly. Which also includes the controlling or authorization Hub should be chosen from where the Business would be running. One has to apply for the license with respect to the business that you want to proceed with and decide where the operations should be initiated from. Another option is to partner with a Global PEO, to establish your presence in dubai without an entity required. This would save time and money along the processes. Especially when hiring people.

Paperwork & its legalizations:

The most hectic but yet a fruitful factor, for a business setup in Dubai is “Documentation”.  One should be sure of having a Passport that which be 6 months to the expiry. A unique business name and activities that will fulfill its criteria. And for getting it legalized, get the approvals from the respective system after the issuance of initial license. One can sign contracts and start their operations, market your products, but before that one needs to have a bank Account in Dubai. The green signal for the bank account can be given by authorities after checking in one’s regular travelling to UAE. Further procedures include some medical test, and one has to get registered to the Emirates ID.

Marketing your product / business:

Market your business via social media platforms, to gain a better reach. One can also build up their websites, identify the targeted market, or which sector to hit for the Proposals against your business. If going for offline marketing, visit companies you find could provide you a mutual Business benefits or Industries that has a huge demand of your product.

Effective supply chains:

To maintain your Business Supply & Demand graph, and to maintain cost. Whether its trading, product selling, IT services, be sure to have enough supplies while bidding or proposing your services or business to the consumer or clients. Also make sure to have enough funds by which your raw material buying can take place, as the payment terms sometimes can be unfavorable. Effective Supply Chain helps business to grow and recover the disruptions faced by a Company.


The organization only creates value when it delivers at the right time. Also, right place as per the needs for their customers/ consumers.

By Manali