Expensive on a Budget

Don’t we all dream to look posh and like those models in magazines wearing Prada and Gucci? And don’t we all also wish to not spend that kind of insane amount of money to carry out our desired look?  It is not a fact unknown that we, especially the ones belonging to the middle class, and the lower middle class and the lower class can’t always afford to buy and wear expensive dresses and accessories regularly. No matter how much we wish to carry forward a certain look, we cannot always afford, in our very limited budget, to buy from brands like Zara, Gucci, Prada and other similar expensive outlets. 

Sometimes to create a certain look, we also need to apply our brains rather than always applying for our money. On a very limited budget also, we can carry ourselves with glamour, wearing an outfit that looks nothing less than the fashion models you see on huge billboards kelley blue book. To strike a balance between your desired look and your budget, we need to come up with witty ideas that make us look like fashion icons and to fulfil this wish of yours we need to keep certain points in mind before trying to create a look.

To solve this small problem of yours we have provided for easy-to-follow tricks that you can apply in your wardrobe to create the look you have been craving for days on your very limited budget! Have a look at the points and see how far you can inculcate them in your everyday life!

This curated list is applicable to people of all gender and classes. We have made sure whoever reads this does not feel left out. Happy budgeting to you!

#7 Tips to look posh on a budget!

  1. Make sure you look prim and proper

The key to looking expensive or posh is to first look extremely presentable. The neater and clean and decently you present yourself, greater your chances at looking like someone away from the herd. To begin looking exquisite, you need to make sure that you look extremely prim and proper when moving in public. For example, your nails need to be trimmed or properly manicured. Your hair should always be well combed and arranged, your hands and feet need to be clean at all times.

Your clothes need to be well ironed at any given time and most importantly, people always notice a person’s shoes if they have to know about the person’s nature or behaviour. Therefore, make sure that whatever shoes you are wearing they are always well cleaned, polished and do not show any sign of wearing off. 

If you have ever noticed, all models, actors and any kind of important personalities always look squeaky clean and extremely presentable at any given time. This is because they are creating and living with an image they can’t afford to lose. Even if they dress simple, they look elegant. So the message is clear that in order to look expensive or posh we need to begin with our presentability. 

  1. Always wear ironed clothes

Another very important thing to keep in mind to look expensive is to always wear ironed clothes only. If the clothes you wear are expensive but has creases all over it and is not ironed properly then it gives out a very dull and shabby look and does not meet your purpose of looking posh. So, the first step in looking elegant is to iron all your clothes before wearing it, no matter whether they are expensive or comparatively cheaper, ironing your clothes give them a new life, it brings back a certain dignity in them and if you know how to carry yourself in those well-ironed clothes, managing to not get it creased while travelling through various public transports, then you have a winner there.

When people see you in your well-ironed clothes, they will get the image that this person is very particular in life and caters to small things. Your value in their eyes will automatically rise, it also gives out the message that you possess a strong personality, someone who is very particular about the kind of vibe he or she generates. Ironing is also budget-friendly. If you have an iron already, you need not worry. But if you do not have an iron, you still won’t be spending a lot of money on getting your clothes ironed regularly. 

As soon as your clothes are thoroughly washed, dried, cleaned and ironed, a new life is already given to the attire you are about to wear. This process is extremely budget-friendly and makes you look expensive too.

  1. Learn to team up your attire

It happens so often that the pants we have bought might be pretty expensive but the top that we are going to pair with it is not so much. So, what do you do to complete the expensive look attire? You team up the clothes with accessories and styled yourself in a way that elevates the worth of the whole attire summed up.

You can wear shoes that give them a quirky and classy look, shoes, watches, Gucci bags, and glasses are certain things that elevate the worth of your look you are trying to create. It adds to your aura. You can also wear waist training corsets to make you stand out. Give attention to these minute details. If you are wearing a top which is new and expensive you can always team up such a top with a trouser or pair of pants which is not quite new. What happens when a person sees you for the first time? They generally notice the vibe that comes out of your personality. 

If your top is expensive looking and if you are well styled with a neat hairstyle and classy shoes, there are chances of the person not quite noticing your pants separately or any bottom wear you choose to team up your top with (unless it is something unconventional). This way, while you are distracting them with your other stylized accessories, you are also keeping your get-up budget-friendly and not spending lavishly on your clothes or accessories.

  1. Walk in confidence 

It does not always matter if the clothes you are wearing or the attire you are carrying on yourself is expensive or not, but what matters is how you carry that attire. If your walk lacks confidence and if your speech is not articulate, then the whole purpose of dressing and trying to impress fails miserably. It is very important to always carry yourself in abundance of confidence, your gestures your movements, your walk, your talk, everything should usher in confidence.

So, if someday your clothes are not from Gucci, Prada, Lavie or Zara but you do know how to impress someone with your knowledge of words and can walk straight through with your boldness, it will greatly compensate for what you are wearing to carry yourself in confidence. Firstly, you have to believe in yourself that you are enough, you have to believe that the vibe you are generating is positive, and sure, you need to be confident of what you think, what you say and what you are wearing. 

If you are comfortable in your skin and your space, then any attire will look expensive and you will be the epitome of elegance. Your aura will that be of a classy person, who is not clumsy, has well-ironed clothes and is sure of his or her words. This itself is an example of posh-looking bourgeoisie society. Have you ever seen a person dressed in expensive clothes such as actors and celebrities who falter in confidence? We are sure you have not. That is where the key to your personality lies.

  1. Invest in shades and watches

A part of your attire greatly depends on your investment in shades, watches, shoes and handbags. These are generally one-time investments which stays for roughly a year or two or probably more than that depending upon the quality of the product you have purchased. What you can do whenever you go out to buy a handbag or a watch, make sure the items are branded try and not be e a miser in purchasing these stuff because these are the items which speak volume for the expensive look you are trying to create. 

While clothes are comparatively cheaper and can be bought again and again in a year’s rime, investments like these live for a longer period of time and if purchased wisely and if you decide to invest a bit more than your budget in these items, then it will stay with you for a considerable period and it can go with any dress or any getup you wish to create. It is not that a watch cannot go with ethnic wear or handbags can’t be worn on regular days, shades of good quality is another hint that you are choosy and prefer expensive items. 

While the price tag or brand of your clothes might not show, but the brand of watches, handbags and sunglasses will show, therefore, speaking for your expense, thus, making you look rich and bourgeoisie. 

  1. Keep an eye on sales

Finally comes one of the most significant aspects of dressing expensive- an eye for sales and discounts. Let us just admit that most of us are always on a hunt for sales, there are times when expensive brands go on a monthly sale once a year and this is your opportunity to grab the best of their product in that particular month and look glamorous for the rest of the year!

You might even be required to save up your money to buy bags, clothes, accessories and more such stuff for a particular month or a day in a year because let us be honest these opportunities are extremely rare and when they present themselves people buzz around these sales like wild bees. Do not let go of such opportunities. It is also required that you keep a constant eye or keep the knowledge of when these sales occur, you can also choose to tell your friends to keep you updated with sales and discounts when they come across it on various shopping websites from time to time. This way you can always get your desired product in half the price or even less sometimes. 

People who will be seeing your expensive get-up will not know that you have bought these items in a sale, what they will see is your expensive outfit or a very lavish bag that looks awesome on your wrist. Collect all your money for that festival of clothes and go crazy with your shopping cart! 

  1. Choose your wardrobe wisely

If you have decided to invest in your wardrobe, then it is advised that you do so wisely. Haphazard or random shopping generally leads to clothes lying at the back of your wardrobe and never be worn by you. To avoid buying such clothes which are technically of no use to you, always plan your shopping cart before you go on a shopping spree.

 Decide what exactly you need and which top will suit with the skirt you have just bought or which shoe will go with the suit you are planning to wear at your best friend’s wedding. Does the jewellery you recently bought go well with your lehenga or does your bow tie fit the colour of your shirt? You need to think and assess your cupboard, your requirements, and then buy something which will definitely be of use in future. This way even if you invest a lot somewhere or spend a fancy amount at a mall, you will not feel guilty because you are using the product you bought. 
Other than this, you can always buy items which you think will go well with your existing clothes. Patient shopping is always beneficial and the price paid does not bother later. You can also invest on a corset because that way you will be able layer it up in different ways and create different looks all the time. You can join Facebook groups that provide waist training 101 information and can help you throughout your journey.

By Manali