Businesses of all sizes are inclining towards CRM (customer relationship management) implementation using various platforms. Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms available lately. With the Salesforce CRM tool, businesses get the best programming and automation to enhance their customer and employee experience. The best part of Salesforce CRM is that it manages almost all aspects of a business, from Sales to Marketing.  

The various cloud modules within Salesforce help businesses monitor each aspect. As the name suggests, the Marketing cloud handles the entire marketing aspect of a company’s CRM. Implementing marketing strategies and running successful marketing campaigns becomes simple with the help of the Marketing cloud. If you are new to Salesforce, here is a quick guide on implementing the right marketing strategies using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Set the right goals 

The first and foremost step to implementing the right marketing strategy is analyzing the requirements. Business or marketing requirements of companies differ, irrespective of their domain or industry. You must analyze what you want to achieve through the marketing strategy before planning or taking action. Salesforce Consulting Companies in USA could help you precisely with that.  

To set the right goals, you would require data, and luckily the Salesforce Marketing Cloud has features that store and present data. Datorama is one of the Marketing Cloud tools that store customer data in an accessible manner. The tool works so efficiently as it gathers customer data from various sources, including customer interactions and customer behavior. The software integrates data from multiple channels and stores it in one place. You can also get real-time updates every 20 minutes. 

Know your target audience 

There is no point in creating marketing campaigns if you are not aware of the target audience. Every product and service has a target audience that interacts with it. Finding your target audience can be hassle-free with the right tools and a team. It’s also essential for you to analyze the target audience from both business and technical points of view. Running effective and successful marketing campaigns becomes easy once you identify your target audience.  

You can use demographics, customer base, analytics, and market research indicators to find your target audience. Automation tools available in the Marketing cloud come in handy during this stage of implementing the right marketing strategies. 

Create personalized interaction  

Here’s one of the crucial steps of implementing the right marketing strategies. It’s always better to offer some personalization to the target audience and existing customers. The end goal of a marketing campaign would be to generate more sales and enhance the brand’s reputation. Tools like Journey Builder keep track of the behavior and interaction of each customer throughout. Right from the first time, the customer interacts with your product/ service, adds things to the cart, and becomes a loyal customer.  

In short, it tracks customer interactions throughout the lifecycle of customers with your company. Personal interactions become simple with this tool. For instance, if a customer has added a product to their cart and hasn’t purchased it for a long time, the tool updates the customer through an app notification reminding them about the product. Interacting with the customers individually at each step becomes easy. 

Using the right tools for the right platforms 

Marketing Cloud has several tools for delivering marketing content through various channels. Gone are those days when you had to worry about print and email marketing. With the technological advancement of social media platforms, it’s essential to stay relevant on these platforms. Various tools like Social studio, Email studio, and Mobile studio help you understand the needs of each channel and design your marketing campaign accordingly. You can use Mobile studio to create marketing material for SMS, MMS, and messenger applications and reach customers.  

Whereas the Email studio deals extensively with email marketing. You can also use the Advertising studio to design visually appealing advertisements and content for your marketing campaigns. After all, your marketing campaign needs to grab some eyeballs. 

Track and access 

One of the crucial aspects of implementing marketing strategies is to track the progress and access the strong and weak areas. Running successful campaigns in the future becomes easy when you figure out the key performance indicators (KPIs) and work accordingly. Tracking the performance of previous campaigns is easy with the help of automation and other tools available in the Marketing cloud.  

That way, you can focus on what’s not working or crashing. The tracking and analytics function helps you with detailed reports on time-based engagement for multiple channels. The best part is that you can get this historical data and status for every customer/ account. 

Final Thoughts

Those were some of the tips on implementing the right marketing strategies using the Salesforce marketing cloud. Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms that helps with all business operational tasks. However, a well-qualified consultant working on the various Salesforce clouds would benefit the organization. Marketing plays a crucial role in the entire sales process. Thus, the right Marketing cloud consultant would use the required tools and automation within the Marketing cloud to achieve the desired results. 


By Manali