Starting your own podcast can be quite a daunting process, but there are so many podcasts out there, how hard can it be? This being said, there are a few things to consider when creating a professional podcast people will want to keep listening to. Here are some tips to help make your great idea flourish into a full-blown podcast:

Make A Plan

Start with a basic plan and an idea of what your podcast is going to focus on. Knowing the main topics, segments, or general conversation pieces can make a podcast a lot smoother, especially if this is your first go. You do not need to create a script as this could make your podcast less interesting to listen to. A simple outline of potential topics can help to keep things on track. If you are completely new to the game, then potentially listening to other podcasts can help in the planning process to get some basic ideas to build upon.

Pick A Podcast Format

Whether you decide to host a solo podcast, have a co-host or special guests, the format of your podcast is an important component to think about before recording. Every format has its positives and negatives so choose what works for you and your podcast topic. If podcasting solo is what you want, go for it. If you would prefer to have company, then maybe consider guests or co-hosts to provide a variety of opinions and a more conversational format. Really there is no right or wrong but make sure you give it some thought before starting.

Think About Audio

No one wants to listen to a podcast with poor sound quality, it ruins the experience and listeners are unlikely to keep listening. So, how do you maximize audio quality?

Firstly, make sure you are in a quiet room with space. This will help prevent sound from reflecting off the surfaces around you. The way you use your microphone can also have a big effect. Try using a stand and make sure you are the right distance away from the mic (approximately the distance between your pinkie finger and thumb).

Finally, think about investing in your equipment, starting with finding the right microphone for your podcasting needs.

Find A Hosting Service

It can be hard to get an audience for your podcast so finding a host service can really help to get your podcast out there. Host services can help make your podcasting experience is enjoyable and smooth sailing. The host service can store your podcasts, ensure it is compliant with different platforms, apps, and devices, and provide statistics for you to keep up to date with your podcast. You can find different plans to fit your podcast and budget needs.

Once you become a true podcast pro, look for a professional podcasting solution that offers more tools, such as multi-user management and ad-stitching.

With the use of a solid plan, a good audio setup, and a host service, your podcast stands a good chance of reaching wide audiences and providing a great listening experience for many.  

By Manali