How To Enter Activation Code- tv/start enter code? tv/start enter code: To activate Youtube on a Smart Tv, users can use the tv/start enter code. The tv/start enter code is an eight-digit number that appears on your television and can be entered at Refer to this article for additional information on tv/start enter code.

YouTube is a widely used platform for streaming videos, movies, web series, tutorials, channels, instructional content, and so on. Any device with an active web connection and video capabilities can enjoy and watch YouTube videos. However, there are times when you don’t want to connect to Wi-Fi but still need to watch YouTube on your television. You can link to YouTube using code in this situation. You can watch it at and type in the code. tv/start enter code

If Youtube doesn’t work on your Smart TV, simply input the activation code that appears on the screen. The tv/start enter code will assist you in activating Youtube on your Smart TV. You can do so by going to and connecting your Smart TV to Youtube. If you can’t figure out how to enter the activation code at, look at the area below.

How to activate YouTube on Smart TV-

Most customers are likely unaware of how to activate YouTube on their Smart TV, so we’ve provided instructions below. Users can use the tv/start enter code at to activate their account. enter code is very simple to use. To link YouTube to your Smart TV, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • To begin, go to your Smart TV and open Youtube.
  • Then click on the Gear icon on the left side.
  • After that, sign in and you will get an 8-digit code.
  • While completing the process, keep the screen open.
  • Now go to and create an account.
  • Now enter eight-digit code.
  • Finally, click on Allow Access.

How to activate YouTube TV on Roku- tv/start enter code?

  • Make sure you’re connected to the WiFi.
  • Go to the home screen.
  • Press OK after selecting Roku channel store.
  • Choose Youtube from the top free option and click OK.
  • Choose Add channel from the drop-down menu and click OK.
  • Wait for a few moments. Then go to my channels by pressing the home button.
  • Now go to the Youtube TV channel.
  • Select the gear icon on the left.
  • After that, sign in with your Google account and enter account information. 
  • You will get 8-digit code.
  • Then go to
  • Sign in with your email address and enter the code.
  • Click on Allow the procedure. You’ve finished the task.

How to enter activation code at

  • To begin, go to your Smart TV and open Youtube.
  • Take note of the activation code that appears on your television’s screen.
  • Then type into your browser.
  • Then, to connect your device, input the activation code.
  • To verify your connection, click next.
  • Finally, you’re finished.

How to Activate enter code Free Trial?

You may also take advantage of the free trial offer for a few days and use the enter code services. To take advantage of the free trial offer, follow the steps below:

  • To begin, go to in your browser.
  • Now you’ll be taken to a standard page where you may click on “Try For Free.”
  • Choose your Google Account now.
  • Fill in the details for your account, including the username and password.
  • After that, add and confirm your local area before clicking the “Complete” button.
  • If you decide not to continue, you can terminate your subscription at any time.

Services offered by enter code

Because of their users who engage with YouTube on their televisions, YouTube provides a variety of services equivalent to On-demand videos, live TV shows, and cloud DVR are some of the features available. It makes use of 85 different reliable networks.

Having trouble disconnecting your phone or tablet from the code?

You can disconnect your Smart Phone or Tablet from YouTube by entering the code. Follow the procedures below to unlink the device:

  • Open the YouTube App on your smart TV and turn it on.
  • Select your profile photo from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Select ‘Watch on TV’ from the list of possibilities.
  • Select “Delete Devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • To unlink your phone or tablet, look for the ‘Delete’ option.

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