How to Decorate House with Throws

No matter what fashion you adore, whether it’s sleek contemporary, chic, or rustic, A variety of home décor styles go well with blankets, the ideal home accent. Make your home cozy and fashionable in winter using our excellent throw decorating ideas!

Enhance your Sofa

Your sofa can look different depending on how you decorate it with throws. You can fold one over the arm of a couch or cover the back corner of one by letting it drape on the seat. Adding a throw to your sofa gives the space a layer of texture and warmth that makes it perfect!

Bonus tip: try a funky pattern on a bright color sofa.

Over a Bench

Do you want your entryway to have a casual and friendly feel? Throws are a great way to decorate! Create a lovely and pleasant seating area by placing a throw and blanket on a bench and adding one or two colorful pillows.

Pop it up

Don’t be scared to use vibrant colors because bright Bedding n Bath throws or blankets enhance your decor. On a gloomy winter day, throwing in a rich shade of orange, mustard yellow, or red will add a splash of color to any space.

Improve Your Bed’s Comfort

Why not try something different from how most people fold a blanket across the foot of the bed? You may look even more put together by draping your throw near the top of the bed and covering it with the duvet. In reality, using throws as decor in the bedroom is highly flexible! It can be used as a bed runner or folded horizontally.

How to Decorate House with Throws

Try It on Your Patio.

Don’t just use throws indoors for decoration! Bedding n Bath Throw and blankets work well on decks and porches as well. They’re helpful for chilly nights and can enhance your outside aesthetic.

Modify Your Guest Room

When you try this throw decoration idea, your guests won’t want to go! Make guests feel welcome by draping a throw blanket across an ottoman in the guest room. For a spa-like atmosphere, your guests will like, fold it over the corner of the bed under a tray-carrying dress. You can instantly improve the look and feel of any room in your house with these throw decoration ideas! The best part is that throws are fantastic for cuddling up with your favorite book or cup of tea because they’re not only for adornment.

Drape on Your Couch

Place the throw or blanket lengthwise in quarters and drop and spread diagonally over the edges. This elegant and sophisticated look necessitates precision, so ensure your folds are even and you tuck the throw behind your couch cushion to keep it secure. Don’t overcrowd your couch with cushions if you want this look to stay clean and chic.

Keep it Low

Another less formal variation is – you can make this style more casual by folding your throw lengthwise into thirds, then halving it in the opposite direction. This shorter parcel can then be draped over the arm of the couch or on the couch seat cushion, with any tassels or fringing pointing down. Make the throw more relaxed by bunching it up or spreading it unevenly.

Basket Decoration

It is the best option for those short on time – keep a decorative basket next to your couch or bed and toss the throw inside…easy peasy! Then, with most of the throw bundled in the basket, pull out one of the corners and hang it over the edge. You can also pull it out further, so it drapes slightly on the floor.


A beautifully draped throw can be used to style the foot of a daybed or a couch with a chaise. This simple option requires little effort and adds visual interest to what would otherwise be a void.

By Manali